A small plane rests on live power lines after crashing Sunday, November 27, 2022, in Montgomery Village, a northern suburb of Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Tom Brenner/AP

Thankfully this one didn’t. The two in the plane were rescued, but it took SEVEN hours!

Every picture tells a story:

ABC 7 News report with video of rescue HERE.

Doing some research as I try to wrap my head around how it is that in Goodhue County, Senate District 20, House District 20A, we elected “America First” election deniers, and that in this part of the world, the Goodhue County Republicans wound people up about January 6. Digging on America First (then and now in a number of permutations) and I remember reading about it it at the Lindbergh Museum in Little Falls.

On a similar vein, long ago I got “The Ku Klux Klan in Minnesota,” which has a lot of good factoids and references but the writing is almost unbearable to read. I’d not gone further.

Learning about this is excruciating. Jawdropping, the numbers jumping on these bandwagons, then, and now, and getting the details down, whew. Eye strain and brain strain reading all this… But it’s necessary. This election got me thinking about it again because of the similarity of positions, and how did we get to where we are today — thinking about intellectual/moral heirs to America First and Ku Klux Klan.

Let’s go back about 100 years… and check out the Klan activity here in Minnesota, and specifically in Red Wing, and around Goodhue County too:

More coming soon… there’s a LOT to this. The themes, and the local papers, but that means a trek to the library. SOON!

And here’s some more:

Once more with feeling, or as the Teletubbies would say, “AGAIN! AGAIN!”

Let’s see… P.O. Box 519 was on the flyer sent dated October 31, 2022, way down at the bottom:

And P.O. Box 519 is used as the address in the Campaign Finance Report:

And the attached list of “Red Wing CRG” expenses claimed, “PO Box 10/28 102.00” in that Report:

Mail was returned as of 11/21 and 11/23/2022, “Return to Sender” “Not Deliverable as Addressed” and “Unable to Forward” less than a month after supposedly renting a P.O. Box for $102.

I’m no Elvis fan, but that tune is growing on me… seriously stuck on my tape loop!

Tom Drazkowski, please do file an amended Campaign Finance Report with a workable mailing address, an email, and receipt for the claimed “P.O. Box $102.”

Red Wing CRG @ P.O. 519

November 23rd, 2022

Not a good look folks:

Once more with feeling:

Xcel Energy has filed a proposal with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission for a public charging network, an electric school bus pilot program, and given my time served in the industry (not that long — MUCH prefer trucks), a look at this is past due.

Electric school buses are a happenin’ thing, this from Bluebird:

BLUEBIRD – Electric School Buses

Today OAH issued the first Prehearing Order for the Contested case in this docket, which includes a schedule that’s pretty compressed:

Xcel Energy‘s Petition is intense, all 456 pages of it!

Office of Attorney General – RUD concisely raises issues to be taken seriously, as always, notably that Xcel is unreasonably requesting this be a part of the rate case, this late in the rate case process:

The Dept. of Commerce – Division of Energy Resources (the “money” side of Commerce’s analysis for the Commission) also wanted a separate proceeding, though not a contested case:

Oddly enough, Center of the American Experiment is making similar arguments:

And there are a lot of others weighing in… to get into the Public Utilities Commission’s eDockets, scroll down for instructions.

Here’s the Commission’s official Order for a Contested Case Hearing:

To look at the full PUC docket, check out the filings, go HERE to eDockets, and then type in “22” as the year, and “432” as the docket number: