Michael Cohen’s happy face

Colin Kalmbacher done good, this has got to be the most hilarious hearing of the year:

And a quick summary from Kalmbacher:

Colin Kalmbacher A lot of people have asked for a general run-down. Here’s a brief attempt:

(1) Lines were long and the SDNY was a media circus–Eliot Spitzer showed up to glam for the cameras;

(2) The attorneys waiting to get in were confused by the press presence at first but quickly understood and started arguing about the issues involved with FBI raid, quickly agreeing that no lawyers should be raided;

(3) Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti showed up with minutes to spare and almost didn’t get in–but Avenatti pulled some strings;

(4) The prosecution is competent but non-controversial;

(5) Aside from saying things like “Michael Cohen has more attorneys than clients.”

(6) Cohen’s attorneys went to Upstairs Hollywood Law School and tried their level best not to make any legal arguments–mostly cabining their advocacy on public policy and fairness;

(7) Trump’s attorney annoyed everyone on multiple occasions and the less said the better;

(8) The Trump Organization was just happy to be there–very gracious, very confused-sounding, submitting themselves to the mercy of the court for some reason–they just wanted to take part in the privilege determinations but didn’t really say anything;

(9) Judge Kimba Wood showed no obvious preferences and did her best to make everyone a little upset

(10) The press amici killed it and is half of the reason we know about Sean Hannity–the other half is Steve Ryan’s incompetence.

And then there’s this… law is such fun!

The Supreme Court just handed the Trump administration a loss on immigration — and Gorsuch was the tiebreaking vote


Waiting for the perp walk…

April 11th, 2018

How much longer…

I’m getting 2-4 emails daily from tRump or his minions begging for money.  This morning’s subject was “WITCH HUNT.”  Get over it… it’s an investigation.

From the New York Times, that radical rag:

The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump

The waiting is getting a bit much, though.  Each day, something so absurd and extreme happens, usually by this crank with no business being president, no restraint, no critical thinking, no ethical base, no outward focus.  Let’s get this over with, NOW!

Once more with feeling, Xcel Energy’s peak demand is DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!  From their year end SEC filing: Xcel Energy 2017 10-K

And over the last 17 years:

That 8,546 MW is down 1,313 from the 2006 peak.  Xcel is now at legislature pushing hard for free rein on money to rehab its Prairie Island plant here in Red Wing.  The same plant that was being rehabbed, got a Certificate of Need, and then they withdrew it saying it wasn’t needed.  Oh… and now?  It’s not adding up, folks.

This says it all!


DOE Drops Its Deal With Clean Line; Wind Project Won’t Cross Arkansas

Seen on I-35 last night, right across from Cabelas

Last week, I saw the above sign on I-35 across from Cabelas.  Today, Sunday, I saw another, just north of the Clarks Grove/251 exit, between the 19 and 20 mile markers.  I’d guess with these two, there’d also be ones along I-90.  There’s another one on Main in Albert Lea, near the lake; and another eastbound on I-90 near Hwy. 46 exit by Austin.  Anyone see other billboards?

Where is Center of the American Experiment getting the money for this disinformation campaign?  You may ask why I say “disinformation campaign.”  Read on…

Check this out, the “report” they keep recycling:

Energy Policy in Minnesota: The High Cost of Failure

Legalectric post from October:

Center of the American Experiment — Conflatulence!

Who benefits by CAE making arguments that don’t hold up to 30 seconds of research?  CAE does of course, they’re filling their coffers.  But they’re just on this because the funders want this result. The funders?  I don’t presume that it’s as simple an answer as “The Koch Bros.”  The false claims they use tells me it’s more nuanced, because they’re setting people up.  Those who are sucked in to these arguments, who buy into these false claims, will be shot down by regulators and legislators who know the truth of what goes into rates, and who understand that CO2 reduction only happens by reducing burning, DOH! (not by increasing wind, increasing wind only changes the percentages).  They’re sabotaging legitimate issues with wind siting, and they’re ignoring the groundbreaking recent demonstrations that wind projects DO violate the noise related permit conditions and Minnesota’s noise rule (Minn. Ch. 7030).  They’re ignoring that the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission HAS ordered the violators to take action (too late, not enough, but a start).  When there are legitimate issues, why would they ignore them and go for fake news?  Why release the bogus CAE report a month after the Bent Tree Phase I report comes out?  Hmmmmmmmm…


Bent Tree_Noise Monitoring Phase I_20179-135856-01

Bent Tree Post-Construction Noise Monitoring Report Phase II Report

Big Blue – PUC Letter to Show Cause

Big Blue 20183-140861-01_Commission Order

REAL NEWS: Freeborn Wind project is first ever wind siting contested case!  For info, go HERE and search for docket “17” (year) “410” (docket number).  Good reading!

These Minnesota Public Utilities Commission actions should be well known to CAE if they’re going to be doing a campaign like this.  CAE should be spreading this info far and wide… but noooooo….

An example — the day before yesterday at the legislature, there they are touting this report again:

American Experiment Testifies in Front of MN House of Representatives Committee on Job Growth and Energy Affordability Policy on Wind Energy

Soooo, who benefits?  Who benefits from CAE’s big PR push?  Who benefits from uninformed people jumping on the CAE bandwagon, only to lose their credibility by spewing these CAE bogus arguments?  I think this is a very well crafted disinformation campaign.  Who is paying for it?  Usually the Wizard is Xcel Energy, manipulating behind the scenes, spreading money far and wide to whoever will take it.  Here?  We shall see…  And is any of this related to Senate File 3504/House File 3708 (they are identical) introduced on March 15th and 12th 2018??  Circumventing the PUC to get instant rate recovery for rehab of Prairie Island nuclear plant?  We know how Monticello came in at twice the cost.  How would that go here?  PUC review of that might hamper Xcel.  Can’t have that, can we… and we know CAE loves nuclear.


Registrant Contact
Name: Peter Zeller
Organization: Center of the American Experiment
Street: 8421 Wayzata Blvd., Ste. 110
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