Texas House votes to impeach Attorney General Paxton

Has “our” Minnesota Senator Steve Drazkowski done anything to disavow the BIG LIE and to undo his effort to add Minnesota to A.G. Paxton’s suit over the 2020 election?

SHAME on MN Legislators wanting MN added to TX suit

Here’s a Legalectric post from about a year ago, disciplinary action over that case that Drazkowski, with zero authority, asked Paxton to add Minnesota!

Disciplinary action against Texas A.G. Ken Paxton

June 8th, 2022

Why? Because of his filing on December 7, 2020, of Case No. 220155, State of Texas v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State of Georgia, State of Michigan, and State of Wisconsin in the United States Supreme Court.

When Steve Drazkowski signed this letter, was he representing you? For sure he was not representing me!

So Mayor Wilson says!! Just can’t make this up… today I received packet with letter from Judge Lennon, requesting information about how the Council selects members for the Charter Commission and responses from two Charter Commission applicants and my reappointment regarding Campaign Finance violations, including moi:

My part of this, #4 above, is interesting, well, it makes no sense, as I was not campaigning and had no “campaign finance violations from the November 8, 2022 election cycle.” The Campaign Finance issue for me that Wilson raised was way back, the Order dated June 25, 2003, TWENTY YEARS AGO!

Twenty years ago, intervenors before the Public Utilities Commission were not registering as lobbyists. This docket was a transmission docket applied for in 2001, Northern States Power’s first big transmission line in their transmission build-out, the “SW Minnesota 345kV line” docket, the company’s prelude to CapX 2020, to see if it could fly, what level of opposition they’d encounter, and what it would take to buy off the funded groups intervening (the answer was “not much,” here’s the Settlement Agreement.).

Mayor Wilson was the one who brought up this ancient history:

Look at the start. “As Red Wing’s mayor…” Under color of law much?

Here’s the radical thing I pushed through the Charter Commission, and which the entire Charter Commission passed, way back in September, 2021, trying to lock in NOTICE and PUBLIC PARTICIPATION, and unfortunately, it could not be approved by the Council because one member was MIA and it required unanimous approval:

Back then in 2001, in the SW MN 345kV line docket (01-1958), of the many intervenors and attorneys in that SW 345kV docket, I was singled out for not having registered as a lobbyist, and for not having disclosed money received from the McKnight Foundation prior to the time of registration. The other intervenors and associations who had not registered were Peter Grills and Carl Williams and their clients Izaak Walton League, Michael Noble and ME3 (now Fresh Energy), and John Dunlop and AWEA, and Paula Maccabee and her client Sierra Club, Kevin Walli and Dave Benson and the Rural Energy Task Force — that’s a lot of them!!! I’d drawn up a chart with attorneys and intervenors and groups who had not registered as lobbyists, passed it around at the hearing, and I pointed this out and named names. Doug Kelly, presiding at the hearing, said, “Oh, there’s my good friend Pete Grills…” Really!! Nothing was done about all the others who did not register because it was moi, and moi alone, that was the subject of the Complaint.

Sooo… yes, I was indeed found in violation, twenty years ago, with these Findings of Facts and specifics in the order. I complied with the order points of the Campaign Finance Board, registering, disclosing, and filing:

Since that time, 2003, most intervenors before the PUC do now register as lobbyists! Funny how that works. For the most part, I regard that Reinhart Complaint as a measure of success — it didn’t knock me out of the docket and Art Hughes, Ph.D.E.E., got to testify.

Also in the packet today with Wilson’s letter (and note he did NOT serve all parties, looks like only the Judge got his letter) was this odd redacted email:

Discovery needed — who sent this, and that “Second Prehearing Order” is what?

My “dictionary” has a somewhat different definition:

It’s hilarious, even if ALJ Lipman stated that “Red Wing does not need a Commissar,” which I don’t recall, and which he could have, chuckling as he’s prone to do… folks, PAY ATTENTION: Each of those Respondents in my Campaign Finance Complaint about the Recall principals and organizations, EACH OF THEM, the group Recall City Hall, Tom Drazkowski’s Citizens for Responsible Government, Janie Farrar, Ron Goggin, Don Kliewer, Ted Siefert, and Jason Snyder were found to be in violation of campaign finance law, with Tom Drazkowski’s Citizens for Responsible Government getting hit with the largest fine for the flyer Tom Drazkowski sent around with so many false statements — but there’s no law against lying in campaign lit:

Citizens for Responsible Government Flyer

Back to Wilson’s letter to the judge… Is Mike Wilson is calling me a “Communist” Commissar, perhaps? Am I a strict or prescriptive figure of authority? Are these fighting words or just defamation? Pardon me while I SNORT! SOL! SOL! SOL!

With each of the Recall City Hall principals found in violation, with Tom Drazkowski and Jason Snyder who were appointed to the Charter Commission by the Council found in violation, it appears Red Wing could use a Commissar!

The judge also wants me to explain my April 24, 2023 missive to the Red Wing City Council and Mayor about Charter Commission appointments — here it is in full:

Sure, with pleasure, although the timing rather sucks. But I have lots of thinking time between Red Wing and Rochester these days.

I just can’t decide which version to use… the more the merrier?

And as if I have time and energy to deal with this now. Garden, house, and dear dog to deal with around hour commute to Rochester Mayo. Good thing I can multi-task…

There goes Alan off to Rochester, lights on, sirens blaring

Well this was quite a surprise. Alan was feeling tired for a couple of weeks and had a pretty large bruise on upper hip, to over a couple days larges bruises all over, and OMFD, it’s Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. I’d had an inkling of CLL after taking photos of the bruises to send to Mayo here in RW, and hitting google, so I was pushing him hard to get in fast, and thankfully he did. Platelets were alarmingly low from Nurse Practitioner’s rather wide-eyed response, which was to get us to the ER, STAT. We were there most of the day, and then after 2nd big batch of lab results came in, he was rushed to Mayo about 4:30. He’ll be at Mayo now for 3-4 weeks, started chemo immediately, and platelets, as his were nearly zero.

Despite 2nd shift, they were on it right away, the nurses and aids were very attentive, and the Nurse Practitioner on that evening was so articulate about what’s going on. Treatment plan is to start aggressively, pretty much as explained in the link below, and see what happens.

Alan’s just getting settled in, and he’s not sure if he wants visitors yet — feel free to message him or text or call.

Treatment of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

It seems APL hits middle-aged folks with average age in the 40s, but for seniors it’s the leukemia of choice. The standard treatment before this regimen (Mayo has links to various study’s participant recruitment!) had some long-term side effects, and apparently this is better. I was wondering about treating with arsenic, remembering Kady who was treated for heartworm with arsenic and lost her marbles, and I’ve asked a few vets about long term impacts of arsenic and neither I’ve asked knew anything about it, and google knows nothing. Alan’s deemed “low risk” because it was caught fairly soon and his white blood count is below the “10k” magic number.

I’d learned some about leukemia when dealing with magnetic fields associated with transmission lines, argued need for regulatory action before the appellate court 20 years ago, but no, earlier bad decision affirmed… And I’ve long known of cancer clusters, and the increases in childhood leukemia in certain scenarios. Environmental impacts have long been ignored, and causation, that ephemeral target, has not yet been established for so many likely agents responsible.

Delaware is a waste dump of the U.S., polluted in so many ways, and Alan’s horror stories make me wonder why anyone wold live there. I’ve thought about Alan’s cancer risk having lived next to 3 nuclear reactors…

… probably downwind of TMI, and for sure downwind from the Delaware refinery that spews all over everyone in Delaware City, Port Penn, and beyond. Somebody asked, “Who’s Alan?” Just google Green Delaware! For decades Alan worked to improve Delaware, from exposing the ractice of dumping raw sewage into the Brandywine River, and being arrested for putting a “Danger Raw Sewage” sign at the outflow:


Busted again at the legislature when public participation was prohibited — with John Kowalko, later STATE REP. John Kowalko, who just retired:


And then in 2007 starting work against Minnesota incinerators, when he got a call out of the blue from someone in St. Paul wanting help on the Rock Tenn incinerator. He’d worked for DuPont as consultant, and part of that was worldwide promotion of incinerators, and he learned a LOT about what incinerators inflicted on those breathing nearby. The call from St. Paul came in when I was out there on my 2nd trip to Port Penn, and they’d wanted him to come out for a Neighbors Against the Burner gathering on the date we’d planned to get back to Red Wing, all just too coincidental! That was the start of a long collaboration with Neighbors Against the Burner and challenging Rock Tenn, the E. Phillips “Eco-Crapper” burner later tried in Rockford and stopped there too; expansion of HERC, and pushing to shut down City of Red Wing’s incinerator, now closed:


So back to Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia — need to get on the road. Suffice it to say, I’ve started on my “research.” Don’t cringe, beyond google, DOH! Years back when I was doing radio, I’d done a program. on bendictin, and another on DES, which was used with wild abandon and without informed consent on Native women. I was working at HCMC and using their medical library a LOT, and in the short time I worked at Bone Marrow Transplant I learned a lot I didn’t really want to know, that was a difficult station with so many babies and young children… I also am well aware that much has changed over the last 40 years, so there’s a lot of reading and evaluating to do to catch up.

A few available things, hope to tap into some deeper sources, but these are interesting:

Outcome of older (≥70 years) APL patients frontline treated with or without arsenic trioxide—an International Collaborative Study

An effective and chemotherapy-free strategy of all-trans retinoic acid and arsenic trioxide for acute promyelocytic leukemia in all risk groups (APL15 trial)

A scoring system for AML patients aged 70 years or older, eligible for intensive chemotherapy: a study based on a large European data set using the DATAML, SAL, and PETHEMA registries

Management of acute promyelocytic leukemia: updated recommendations from an expert panel of the European LeukemiaNet

How retinoic acid and arsenic transformed acute promyelocytic leukemia therapy

Years ago, a gun range was proposed at the Central Research site, using the building:

Here’s what information the Port Authority requires for a land sale:

At the outset, what’s required?

I wasn’t tracking it, but what I learned while looking for verification of the Riverbend Market Cooperative default on Port Authority loan, I found this that sounded all too familiar:

LACK OF FINANCIAL INFORMATION. Note that snippet, it’s #4 on page 3 of the Port Authority agenda:


The trend continues:

Council rejects land sale for gun range

From that article:

Council sends gun range proposal back to Port Authority

First the City makes the decision in 2007 to “buy” the property for $1.2+ million; and then in 2007 lease to Osemi, with eviction in 2011 and court cases and appeals going until 2014; the gun club folks not providing info as required by the Port with demands for “transparency” and then fierce DEMANDS that the Council approve against

findings and recommendation (see above)… and now we’re in the same situation with the Blue Water Farms project, denied by Port Authority for the same reasons as the gun club, with the same loud DEMANDS for the Council to approve and circumvent the Port Authority and due diligence review:

Thankfully the Council didn’t fold, then or now.

However, there’s a disturbing trend here! What is going on that people think that they don’t need to follow established Port Authority procedure, that they don’t need to provide the most basic information, information that the Port Authority requires, and that they can then go to the City Council and DEMAND approval? Is it entitlement? Privilege? Delusional thinking?

From the report at the May 8, 2023 Council meeting:

There’s no mention of lack of water service to the site, and that should be listed in “Remaining and key challenges…” I’d think.

So much that isn’t verified, so much that isn’t discussed…

Just in, and enlivened links are here:

ARRRRGH, makes me sick…