This is the most specific argument blast and theory ripping Order I’ve ever seen. It’s not very long, and it’s so worth a read:

Judge Engoran is sending more than a shot across the bow — it’s a gut shot to each and every Defendant, and as importantly, their attorneys.

A handful of Trump’s businesses organized in New York (are there others?) and all entities held by the Defendants, are history, and a receiver will be appointed to manage the dissolution of those entities.

Here’s the bottom line:

Binders of Screenshots Redux

September 27th, 2023

I’ve been working on getting copies of the claimed “we’ve got tons of them” screenshots that Mayor Wilson has been waving around in support of these burr-up-his-butt theories of violations of Open Meeting Law and Data Breeches by City Council and/or Commission members. He’s done it before, and he needs to be called on that.

Red Wing adopts Social Media Policy

I’d sent a Data Practices Act Request:

That request was made because of the way Mayor Wilson was waving about what he claimed were screenshots, inferring that they proved his claims of violations of Open Meeting law and that there were data breeches:

The City’s response to that Data Practices Act Request was a denial in search of a rationale:

So I sent “Data Practices Act Request Redux” yesterday:

What do those screenshots demonstrate? My guess is that they show his obsession with the Red Wing Snowstorm fb group, and attempting to shame or intimidate those who speak up and discuss issues in our fair city. His proposal for amendment to the Social Media Policy would limit Council and Commission members’ membership and participation in private social media groups and even blogs! It was deleted.

His behavior is odd, but there’s background to this that’s compounding the weirdness. He has referred to me in at least two orations before the Council, first inferring some nefarious intent in my advocacy for updating the City’s Code of Conduct, and now, tied to adoption of the City’s Social Media Policy, about participation in the “Snowstorm” fb group. Enough. Put up or shut up!

My first noteworthy encounter with Wilson was when he called me after I’d sent a mass mailing quoting the City’s position on the Recall City Hall effort and providing contact info for the Council. One flyer went to him, and he was furious. “DON’T YOU EVER SEND ANYTHING TO MY HOME AGAIN!” He loudly demanded to know where I got the list (public info), who I sent them to (none of your business), how many flyers I sent (why?)… WHAT?!?! What’s the problem? It was the weirdest response ever, clearly hit a nerve, and damn… I wish I’d recorded.

Another example was his previous statements during an earlier Council meeting. At that time, the Council was deliberating changes in the Code of Conduct. See transcript below… What I “find interesting” is his sideways objection to my participation in updating the Code of Conduct. This is something I’ve openly been working on since the Citizens Assembly, circa 2017, and the ejection of Mayor Egan circa 2013, long before Wilson was Mayor. Why this need to make up objections to my work? Why put all this out there in a public statement, on the record, before the Council, that is demonstrably false and downright goofy? In that Code of Conduct Council meeting, he said this:

Really! The City Attorney quickly corrected him, stating that my suggestions were for the most part not adopted! The City Administrator also knew the history and acknowledged the need for an update. Councilor Norton spoke up, she knew of my years long work on this and my push to get the Council to take it up. None of this have even been necessary. A simple comparison of 1) the suggestions I’d been sending in to the Council and Mayor, and 2) the Code update presented to the Council reveals the difference. Apparently that homework wasn’t done, hence the statement?

That evening the Code of Conduct was discussed, I had work to do outstate with a township I’m representing on an Ordinance, so I couldn’t attend, and oh how I wish I could have been in 2 places at once. Wilson’s statement that “she had issues with the Mayor way back when,” ummmm, no, it was former Mayor Dennis Egan who had obvious ethical issues — a clear conflict of interest as ED of a sand mining association when sand loading was before the Council and HE DID NOT DISCLOSE, much less recuse (Mayor Egan Resigns). At that time, I said, “Onward, and hopefully this time we’ll find a mayor with some integrity and ethics.” Perhaps that expectation is Wilson’s objection?!?!

Wilson has repeatedly displayed poor judgment. This is the same guy who wrote an ex parte letter to District Court Judge Lennon, who’s charged with Ordering appointments to the Charter Commission after the Commission forwards names to her. His ex parte, letter, asking that I be denied reappointment to the Charter Commission was full of outright lies and was accompanied bizarre attachments.

Note he writes this letter “As Red Wing’s mayor” and signs it “Mike Wilson, Mayor.” Under color of law much? I do hope someone explained to him how this is problematic. And dig this WTAF attachment, which he linked to his “commissar” comment in the letter:

It seems Red Wing DOES need a commissar!

Just too bizarre…

And I’ve not forgotten the Mayor’s support for the Recall City Hall effort (their website has been completely eliminated, a good decision, no evidence; the fb page sort of present, but mostly scrubbed.). Recall sought to upend the legitimate election of our City Council members, disenfranchising voters. Does this sound familiar? They used a demonstrably false premise in the “250 word statement,” claiming Open Meeting Law violations. DUH, personnel issues are held in CLOSED session. Specifics of the firing are PRIVATE INFORMATION — only the subject, in this case Pohlman, can disclose, and he chose not to disclose. Recall proponents were hollering “Stop the Steal” while stealing slogans and tactics from another equally unsuccessful “Stop the Steal” effort (that effort resulting thus far in how many disbarments and indictments?).

Column: Recall petition is old-fashioned democracy in action

I had a few things to say about that as well, particularly about the Post Bulletin’s promotional toadying coverage, but about Wilson’s support as well:

Letter: Red Wing recall coverage lacking

Another issue is Wilson’s attempt to get City funding to pay for the roof repairs for his Red Wing Marine Museum. building. The lease requires, as do most commercial leases, that the lessee is responsible for repairs. The roof was a known issue when he signed the second lease a decade ago. Wilson says he is no longer the head of it, but he was President until this most recent request for city money came up. He was President at least until 12-31-2021, the date of most recent public IRS 990 on Guidestar.

Also note the claim of “Land and Buildings” as a $214,763 asset. How can that be? It’s a lease and it’s been in default for a decade, now officially declared in default by the City.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Alan Muller is a big boat motor fan, and a big fan of the Red Wing Marine Museum. Alan strongly wants to see this museum continue, he likes it personally, plus it’s a big asset to the city, and he hopes the Board can keep it open.

Overall, this history of Wilson’s conduct has become a pattern, and a few of these instances directed my wa caught my attention, mindful that I’m at least a limited public figure. One thing I do agree with Wilson on: “So I’m just giving everybody a heads up on this stuff. Pay attention from here on in. Of course! I am paying attention!

As to this current Wilson waving of “we’ve got tons of them” screenshots… Mayor Wilson, “if you’re listening,” if you have proof of Open Meeting Law violations, and/or “there’s data breech going on,” let’s see it. If there are violations, you have a duty to report issues to the City for investigation and to address violations, if there are any. If you see something, say something.

Here it is, straight from the inbox, and technically the “Atlantic Region” but most is in the Mid-Atlantic, same area as the eastern original National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor (a designation that they’re bringing back, expanding the scenarios where the project proponents can ask the feds to take control):


Muller APL Update

September 15th, 2023

Camping in July – it’s doable!

We had good news last week of bone marrow biopsy, showing that the PML-RARa (the mutated bad stuff in bone marrow) is at 0%, ZERO!! NONE! That’s down from 67% on admission, and 5.5% on discharge.

Blood testing is now down to twice a week, and as of yesterday’s blood test, there’s now the first two days straight of “normal” hemoglobin! It’s a trend!

Platelets are stabilizing in normal range after the previous cycle of arsenic (yes, that’s right, IV ARSENIC TRIOXIDE!) and ATRA.

And neutrophils are up again, recovering in this ATRA only stretch from the arsenic IV/ATRA combination, and I expect neuts will be suppressed in October.

How does this treatment work, and why the ups and downs? It’s because the arsenicn IV/ATRA combo is what hits the bone marrow and wipes out that PML-RARa. During and after that 2 weeks of arsenic/ATRA for a bit, everything is suppressed and so after a month of that treatment, there’s a month of recovery with 2 weeks of only ATRA and 2 weeks off everything. This cycle goes back and forth goes on for 8 months, each cycle 28 days. We’re now in cycle 3, ATRA only and 2 weeks off starting next week, then back to arsenic IV/ATRA combo.

The inpatient phase, 5 weeks worth, is called “induction,” which induces remission, and after that there’s a long, but necessary “consolidation” phase, which locks in remission. We’re almost 3 months post discharge, with a week and a half off of treatment right after discharge, and another week off waiting for the biopsy results (the ZERO% good news biopsy) just before the start of this cycle, so now we’re on Cycle 3, and looking now at completion in February or early March. There’s no bone marrow biopsy contemplated until the end of Cycle 8 then, whenever, depending…

ALL of this is GOOD NEWS, the best possible scenario for Acute Promyeletic Leukemia.

On the other hand, Alan’s shedding his skin like a snake! So yeah, a side effect, along with losing some of what hair he has left and a little appetite suppression, both minor impacts, but noticeable.

It’s been a long strange trip since May 19, 2023, and now about half way through treatment, so far successful. Who would have though… but that first bruise caught my attention, and the next day, whew, off to the ER, then by ambulance to Mayo Rochester…

It’s been permitted by Iowa, they have granted a private company the power of eminent domain for the parts of this transmission project that are not using railroad right-of-way!

Here’s a link for the Iowa Utility Board’s Docket No. E-22436 (and from there just click on “Filings:”

Docket Summary for Docket E-22436

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Developer proposes a 350-mile underground transmission line to carry wind energy from rural Iowa to Chicago

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