Probable cause hearing is next Monday.

Who is Tammi Jeka? She’s the woman who was doing donuts on the St. Paul Capitol lawn:

Woman waving Trump flag shouting she’s a white woman drives onto Minnesota state capitol mall

I have conflicting thoughts about this. It is framed as “mentally ill and chemical dependent” case type. Her thinking is clearly dysfunctional, but to brand waskadoodle tRumpists with “mental illness” labeling is off. This delusional dysfunctional thinking is different, but I don’t have the knowledge or training to explain. To me, it seems that intervention is necessary, and that it’s more of a chemical dependency affliction, which is the other part of the “case type” above. I’ve read some articles along this line, will try to find. We’ll see how this plays out.

Today, starting at 10:30, the Wisconsin PSC meeting is on, and last on the agenda, #15, is the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line. They will be deciding whether they will interfere in judicial review of their C-HC order and make that moot by rescinding the order, and then, whether they will immediately RE-ORDER as the utilities want. Regulatory capture much?

Tune in early, because last time they ran through 40 items in 5-6 minutes!


To listen to meeting (whatever happened to the webcast?) go HERE:

To check out all the filings in this docket, go HERE! Some very interesting and highly recommended comments were filed over the last month.

If you’re curious or upset that there is no longer video livestreamed, contact PSC Helpdesk at (608) 267-9195 or email at

Tammi Jeka goes for a spin!

July 27th, 2021

White privilege much?? Here’s the best video:

Woman waving Trump flag shouting she’s a white woman drives onto Minnesota state capitol mall

From some articles, linked:

Local outlets reported that the driver shouted, “I am a white woman! There is only one race!” at state troopers after she was detained. Capitol Security officials held the driver at the scene until paramedics and mental health specialists arrived to speak with the driver.

… and…

The State Patrol plans to forward the case to the St. Paul city attorney for consideration of charges, including reckless driving, Gordon said. Jeka could not be reached for comment.

The notions expressed today are not new to Tammi Jeka.

This looks like it’s the same Tammi Jeka, taken about 10 years ago:

Death of homeless cancer patient reveals challenges confronting housing workers

And another little factoid:

OD’s in Goodhue County

July 23rd, 2021

Stopping the overdose on the front lines

Here’s an effort to supply NARCAN to libraries:

Company to Supply Free Narcan to Libraries – Emergent BioSolutions will provide two doses to every public library branch in the US

Recently on our local COVID page (to which I post the stats daily), I was challenged for posting on COVID and not the many ODs in our community, the party stating that “there were more ODs than COVID deaths.” Nope, NOT true! Although I’ve heard of several ODs here, we’ve had 74 COVID deaths since the start of tracking, and no way have we had more ODs than COVID deaths.

But given the challenge, and that I didn’t know how many ODs here since March 2020, I did some digging to see what the stats are on ODs.

A search of our local Republican Eagle for “overdose” had a lot of hits from here and surrounding area (rather wide circle):


Yesterday or the day before, I got this info from Goodhue County, though note it’s not 2021 info, only current through 2020, and it’s DRAFT info:

For Goodhue County separately, but no 2021 info yet:

And this despite a sharp increase in ODs in Minnesota:

Comparisons aren’t particularly relevant, whether between numbers of COVID deaths v. numbers of OD deaths, or between numbers of OD deaths here and elsewhere. One is too many.

I had asked for OD statistics, and got the info above. I also asked about treatment options, and info on resources, because I know from days as an attorney taking on whatever issues for whoever walked in the door how difficult it is to get into treatment. Even with an intervention that pushes someone toward straightening up, getting IN to treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient, is so difficult, between location, openings, PAYING FOR IT in our wonderful capitalistic health “care” system, what a mess. Back then, I did have a list of options for clients, and so remember my successes and failures to help clients through to sobriety, one failure particularly tragic, three times with the same client, who died of his addiction to alcohol. We need to do more to help people get treatment, and to get to the state where they’re ready for treatment, and that takes commitment and MONEY.

Per the County: When it comes to treatment, there is a statewide online treatment resource called , and another statewide resource locator is .

Also, below, please note some of Goodhue County specific treatment resources:

Thank you for this list of resources. Nina Arneson, Director of Health and Human Services, Goodhue County, has been very helpful and responsive in finding health related info.

Cost of Transmission

July 21st, 2021

Transmission costs money, and utilities know that when they spend on transmission, their return on investment is higher than the return they can get for anything else!!

Using this as a repository for all sorts of useless information, here are the MISO cost numbers and methodology used to figure out costs of transmission (this is a DRAFT):

And FYI: