Here are the Comments of parties… there are many individual intervenors and members of the public who commented, and they are in the PSC’s “Public Comment” format and I have to figure out how to download and upload those. In the meantime, here we go:

These are the pdf’d Comments. More to follow…

Seems some folks don’t like that the Recall City Hall petitions are being posted. FYI, READ THE PETITION (on the front page, under “Signer’s Oath”):

Per Gregory Joseph (his domain is parked, no website to link to!):

I also understand that the names and addresses of the signers of the petition have been posted on an internet site for everybody to see, for what legitimate purpose I have no idea…

Really! His statement is here, starting at 2:23:14:

No idea? It’s called transparency, and objections to posting the petitions demonstrates that people have not read the petition, the front page with the statement that it’s public information, not to mention the back with the “250 word statement” of justification for recall.

Here are the Hove 2 Petitions, the Petitions and then those with irregularities:

Here are the Petitions, from above files, with irregularities, such as someone not registered to vote but signing, or one person filling in form for someone else, etc., with irregularities identified on the yellow post-it. You can see that many of them were filled in with one person filling in more than their own, or someone else filling in for another, and many of those slid through and not eliminated:

Now, I’ll try to combine these files to make them easier to peruse.

Court DENIES Xcel costs!!!

July 13th, 2021

A while ago, Xcel Energy had the audacity to demand $3,312.75 in costs from Association of Freeborn Landowners (AFCL):

I don’t think so! AFCL filed a “HOW DARE YOU!” objection:

Today, we received the Court’s decision — COSTS DENIED!

Here it is! Whew!

This helps, but doesn’t make up for the loss of the appeals… sigh… turbines are up and running now, and already a problem.

Just filed:

Long story, it’s all there in the Comment. PSC and utilities are trying to do end run around the Circuit Court and avoid additional ugly and embarrassing truths from coming out.

Democrate Principles!!!

July 10th, 2021

Alan went to the Cannon Valley Fair last weekend to staff the DFL booth, and as always he went over to the Republican booth for a chat. They were handing out the above flyer. Who the hell put this together? Somebody needs to be fired!