AWA Goodhue Wind Testimony filed

February 28th, 2011

First AWA Goodhue’s testimony, and then ours… It’s been quite the week… quite the last TWO weeks… were I still driving, I’d be out of hours on my second log book:

drivers_daily_log_bookIn the Goodhue Wind case, testimony was due, the Applicants’ a while ago, and now our intervenors’ Testimony.   For the full docket, go to and to “Search eDockets” and search for “08-1233.”

First, here’s what AWA Goodhue has filed:

Testimony – Direct – Burdick

Testimony – Direct – Casey

Testimony – Direct – Kalass

Testimony – Direct – Malamen

Testimony – Direct – Peterson

Testimony – Direct – Robertson

Testimony – Direct – Ward

Testimony – Direct – Zilka

AWA Exhibit 1A

AWA Exhibit 1B

AWA Exhibit 1C

AWA Exhibit 3A

AWA Exhibit 3B

AWA Exhibit 3C

AWA Exhibit 3D

AWA Exhibit 3E

AWA Exhibit 3F

AWA Exhibit 3G

AWA Exhibit 4A

AWA Exhibit 5A is too large to load

AWA Exhibit 6A

AWA Exhibit 7A

And on to the Intervenors, on the next post…

Xcel’s 2010 10-K is out!

February 28th, 2011


Yes, you know you’re one sick puppy when you get excited about those SEC alerts in the inbox!  Xcel’s 2010 10-K has been filed:

Xcel Energy’s 10-K for 2010

Check p. 11 for the Peak Demand info – yes, it’s up a bit, but we’re lower than 2005, and there’s a long ways to go to the peak in 2006:


Peak demand is not exactly what we should be planning for these days, well, probably anytime, because peak is so rare, and they just try to sell that excess in the valleys, not that there’s a market anywhere else either!


The application for the Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline, PATH, has been withdrawn.  Notice was just sent out, not long after PJM issued a press release saying that PATH was “delayed.”

PJM’s PATH “delay” Press Release 2-28-2011

And here’s the one we’ve been waiting for, Potomac Edison’s Notice of Withdrawal (that didn’t take long!):

PATH – Notice of Withdrawal

I’m looking on the PJM website, and can’t find the 2010 RTEP, so I call the number on the bottom of the Press Release, 866-756-6397,  wanting to know where the 2010 RTEP is (one of the attorneys on the Susquehanna-Roseland line had asked about that, and I was stunned I couldn’t find it!!!), and when the 2011 RTEP is due out.  No one can help, they’re in a meeting, “anyone that could help you is in a meeting.”  Someone will call back… Uh-huh… right…

What they say is what we’ve been saying for how long?

PJM annually reviews its transmission expansion plans. A preliminary analysis suggests that the need for the line has moved further into the future. Therefore, the PJM Board has decided to hold the PATH project in abeyance in the 2011 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP). The preliminary analysis used the most current economic forecasts, demand response commitments and potential new generation.

Over the last two years, the recession and the dramatic change in the economic outlook caused PJM to forecast lower growth in the use of electricity. Growth in the use of electricity correlates with economic growth. The forecasted slower growth rate likely will delay the need for the line.

So now, how to find that 2010 RTEP???


The Kenyon Wind Project, the vaporware project that was the first “C-BED” project to come out the chute, the one with no turbines, no Power Purchase Agreement, nothing that makes a project a project, the Public Utilities Commission took it off life support, and despite the Motion for Reconsideration to let it linger on, the PUC did not take up the Motion for Reconsideration, and instead let it die.


This is a project that was granted a permit in 2007, but just couldn’t get it up!

MOES Kenyon Wind Project Page

For the full PUC page, GO HERE and search for 06-1445.

Lil’ Bro is headed back home

February 27th, 2011


After a decade or more hiatus in Lake Havasu and then Pasco, Little Bro is headed back home.  He and Kim bought a foreclosure condo in December and sold their house in a week, maybe less, closed Friday and are headed back.  He’s got this old Ford pick up, I’d like to say 60’s, but it’s really probably 80s, with one of those tacky old campers on it, pulling his new 25 foot toy trailer, with his Monte inside plus what little they didn’t sell with the house.  Kim’s son Jesse is driving her car, and it’s another one of those Clampett processions I’ve been seeing lately, 46 mph up the hills in Montana…

MN DOT webcams

Keep an eye out on those webcams, they’ll hit the border sometime this afternoon!