It’s quiet here over the weekend, the Sturtevant redo is in a pause — catching up from last week’s escape. This week, they’re putting in the curbs and sidewalks, no parking for days, like a week, so once again, hitting the road. In the meantime, here’s something well worth reading:

Joys of infrastructure redo

September 20th, 2022

They’ve been working on redoing the storm drains, sewer, and water on Sturtevant, and it’s been really tough to concentrate, what with all the beeping and banging and clattering and now and then earthshaking BOOMS. But it got worse.

Yesterday was the day to put in our water and sewer to connect to new system, and move our meter in the basement over to the north side of the house from the southeast corner. Unreal, I had no idea how invasive that would be, took out 1/2 of our side yard, 1/2 of the plantings along the house, our big snowball that had just started blooming this year, the old one that is probably as old as the house (100years!), and had to move a just planted little apple tree (hope that survives). Just too much, after selling the trailer Saturday, couldn’t stand to hear them digging and digging, and it was not just deep, but WIDE! After they finished, they tore up the sidewalks on both sides, and loaded the big chunks into the dumpster. TOO MUCH! Can’t get any work done… I give up!

Doo, doo, dooooo, lookin’ out my front door:

And the bluff and Mississippi out the back door:

A few nights in the woods in this perfect weather, sunny, warm, and breezy, doesn’t get any better. Light rain and thunder last night, but the Wawona 6 is made for it. As I told lil’ bro’ David, camping doesn’t have to be cold, wet, and on the ground!

And plenty of office space too!

And did I mention that they’ve opened the new bathrooms at Frontenac, complete with dishwashing sinks? How cool is that!

Whose brilliant idea was this? Think about it — what community would consent to siting of nuclear waste in the neighborhood? Been there, done that, with Xcel Energy f/k/a Northern States Power’s proposal to site nuclear waste in Florence Township, on the shore of the Mississippi, in an alfalfa field, next to the Sportsman’s Club/Community Center, and Wells Creek. Yeah, great idea… NOT.


Here is their summary of comments received:

My Pillow and Hardee’s!

September 14th, 2022

UPDATE: It keeps getting more hilarious (and I’m so glad someone else watches this crap so I don’t have to, UGH):

Last night was SNORTING OUT LOUD, SOL SOL SOL, and now, just cannot stop grinning, it’s so hilarious. Can’t make this up. WHERE IS THE VIDEO?!?!

And an update:

From the Minnesota Reformer:

Mike Lindell says the FBI seized his cell phone at a Mankato Hardee’s

And the hole he’s digging just keeps getting deeper and deeper:

This is one of the most bizarre Orders I’ve seen, and that it was delivered on a federal holiday, the notion of “Special Master” would appear to refer to the one who appointed this judge.

Read it, especially starting at the bottom of page 16, where she starts on about inapplicable “executive privilege.” Sure, DoJ will appeal, but…

Time to get a warrant for TFG’s other properties. Exhuming Ivana isn’t sounding like such a bizarre idea…