The Wisconsin Public Service Commission Public Hearings on the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line begin today. Wisconsin’s rules about public comments are quite restrictive. ONLY ONE PER PERSON ALLOWED. Not one in writing, one oral, or multiple in writing, but ONLY ONE PER PERSON, and if there are more than one, only the first one is accepted! Also, if making a public comment, you may not submit scientific studies, etc., only documents that you’ve substantially created! Really…

Dates and times, beginning today!

June 25, 2 and 6 p.m. — Youth & Agriculture Center Auditorium, Grant County Extension, 916 E. Elm St., Lancaster.

June 26, 2 and 6 p.m. — PSC Hearing Room (S105), 4822 Madison Yards Way, Madison.

June 27, 2 and 6 p.m. — Dodger Bowl Lanes, 318 King St., Dodgeville.

Written comments will be accepted through this Friday, June 28.

Yesterday we filed a Motion for Interlocutory Review, and a request to the EIS Coordinator, asking the Commission to take a look at the EIS and Order a Supplemental EIS to include the U.S. Highway 151 alternative route that’s been discussed in the Applicants’ responses to PSC Data Requests 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3, the FEIS, and PSC’s Vedvik’s testimony, but not developed in sufficient detail to be considered as an alternative. The info from these documents is pasted into the pleading.

You may have heard excerpts of the unbelievable arguments on Tuesday, here is the full video. Ain’t the internet grand?

17-56297 Jenny Flores v. William Barr

This popped up today and I cannot stop shaking my head and snorting, it is just too bizarre, too hilarious. Pinned on tRump’s twitting is his unconstitutional dream of never ending dictatorship, backed by “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy.” Is that the only Russian music they could think of? Is someone masterfully trolling this sick bastard?

See for yourself:

Solar tariffs?

June 20th, 2019

Pissed off about solar tariffs? Call and write NOW! Call and write DAILY!

President Trump Slaps Tariffs on Solar Panels in Major Blow to Renewable Energy

Hot off the press, errrrr, just received email:

Reminder, the Office of the Legislative Auditor (OLA) is holding a public meeting tomorrow to gather input about the Public Utilities Commission’s public engagement processes. 

Other Ways to Comment

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may send us written comments through our website.  Or, you may e-mail or Laura Schwartz, the project manager, at


We do not have a deadline for comments.  However, we will use the input we receive tomorrow to help us shape the evaluation, so the sooner the better.  Most of our evaluation activities will occur throughout the summer, and the final evaluation report is planned for release in early 2020.  You may send written comments about your experiences with the Public Utilities Commission’s public engagement processes throughout the evaluation, but we encourage you to send them early. 

Meeting Details

Date:  Friday, May 31, 2019

Time:  10:00-11:00 AM

Location:  State Office Building, Room 10, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155


Please let us know if you would like to share comments confidentially.  OLA has the authority to protect your identity through Minnesota Statutes 2018, 3.979, subd. 3(c).

Laura Schwartz | Program Evaluation Manager | Office of the Legislative Auditor | Program Evaluation Division

140 Centennial Building, 658 Cedar Street, St. Paul, MN 55155 | 651-296-1232 | Fax: 651-296-4712

  Office of the Legislative Auditor