The Minnesota Supreme Court has denied Scarsella’s petition to the Supreme Court. GOOD!

Click HERE for the Minnesota Court of Appeals argument.

Click HERE for Court of Appeals decision (unpublished) State of Minnesota v. Allen Lawrence Scarsella, Case No. A17-1147

MPR: Scarsella gets 15 years for shooting at Jamar Clark protest

I vividly remember seeing that video, it was out there prior to the shooting, and waiting for the 4th Precinct demonstration to explode at the hands of these yahoos. Yes, Scarsella got what he went there for, incited a “justification” for his opening fire. He said what he was going to do, and he did it. The only good news is that he got a 15 year sentence. His appeal, and trying to get to the MN Supreme Court shows his convictions.

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The Minnesota Department of Commerce issued the Draft EIS for the Dodge County wind project, and about the “C” and “D” route proposals for a 345kV line through the heart of Dodge Center, they had this to say:

Here’s the full DEIS Narrative:

This is an example of why it’s crucial to get involved early, that comments must be made at the outset before they have moved into evaluating a proposed route, so that they can consider the input of people on the ground in the initial evaluation. Here, at least 14 people weighed in on the impacts of the C and D routes on their homes and their lives, and that message was heard.

Now’s the time for the City of Dodge Center to acknowledge that it was Tom Applegate’s efforts, alerting the City of Dodge Center and the residents effected by this project’s Route C and D possibility, helping generate the many comments that were filed, that made Commerce’s rejection of these routes a reality.

And I sure hope Commissioner Tuma acknowledges what a bad idea routes C and D were and that next time he has a routing idea, that he commits to spend at least an hour on google earth along the route to know what he’s proposing. These two proposed routes were the worst I’ve seen for a 345kV line.

And another step moving forward, doing their job:

It’s pretty simple — they need the info to do their job. Come on, just get it moving!!!

And the bottom line:

Zero Waste Act

July 27th, 2019

Minnesota’s Rep. Ilhan Omar has introduced the Zero Waste Act. Something similar had been introduced by Rep. Keith Ellison back in 2017.

Rep. Omar noted the incineration struggles in Minneapolis, including the Midtown burner, proposed in my old neighborhood, Prestigious East Phillips. From the press conference, linked:

“Waste is toxic. Landfills were responsible for 103 million metric tons of carbon equivalent emitted as of 2011, or 18 percent of all methane emissions,” Omar said. “Waste is also an environmental justice issue. Nearly 80% of incinerators are placed in low-income areas or near communities of color and indigenous lands including North Minneapolis and the Phillips neighborhood in Minnesota’s 5th District.”

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He’s pinning this to the top of his twits. Does he not know? Probably, he is that ignorant. It’s almost as good as: