Zero Waste Act

July 27th, 2019

Minnesota’s Rep. Ilhan Omar has introduced the Zero Waste Act. Something similar had been introduced by Rep. Keith Ellison back in 2017.

Rep. Omar noted the incineration struggles in Minneapolis, including the Midtown burner, proposed in my old neighborhood, Prestigious East Phillips. From the press conference, linked:

“Waste is toxic. Landfills were responsible for 103 million metric tons of carbon equivalent emitted as of 2011, or 18 percent of all methane emissions,” Omar said. “Waste is also an environmental justice issue. Nearly 80% of incinerators are placed in low-income areas or near communities of color and indigenous lands including North Minneapolis and the Phillips neighborhood in Minnesota’s 5th District.”

Prior posts on the Midtown burner, run out of Phillips, then City of Rockford, then Rockford Township:

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