September 18th, 2020

Last night’s vigil in Red Wing:

Good riddance, Donny!

September 18th, 2020

Time out!

September 15th, 2020

There’s a lot to be said for taking a “Time Out!” First trip of the year was up to Tettegouche for solstice, and it was too crowded and people were uniformly non-observent of COVID precautions. After that, we declined two camp hosting gigs, no way was I up for dealing with people and cleaning and stocking bathrooms in that situation.

I am on several camping lists, one of which is the North Dakota State Parks, which sends out a list of weekend sites available. Little Missouri State Park ALWAYS had sites. It looked interesting, was a horse camp with 2 assigned corrals for each site (!) so I called, and horses aren’t required. So I grabbed the best site starting after Labor Day – 13e!

Site 13e in the background, from the road into the park (photo taken by someone in my camping group who was there the week after I’d booked our reservation.
on the way…
Flaring at sunset…
Flaring in the distance – 15+ visible at night.

Sunset, right? Well, it is that time, but that’s an oil well flare. The campground was surrounded by oil wells (satellite view here).

North Dakota oil production on the upswing again but may plateau this fall

Some nights, they were audible, both a sound like a jet taking off and a very high pitched whistle. That was countered by the coyotes yipping and howling at sunset and an hour before sunrise.

Little Sadie loves to travel, and she’s learned to be cool around strangers and wildlife.

We took a trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, South Unit one day, North Unit the next. Campgrounds are closed at both. From the looks of it, the wildlife is benefiting from not having people around.

The picnic ground was FULL of buffalo!

The buffalo walking along the road found a snake, and stomped it but didn’t kill it, and they took turns checking it out, the snake opened its mouth wide, hissing, they’d dance away, and come around again for a look-see. It was as if it was bison school, to learn how to recognize danger and what to do about it.

And the joys of zooming on the internet!

Association of Freeborn County Landowners had filed a Complaint against Public Utilities Commissioner John Tuma and Chair Katie Sieben:

AFCL files Complaint against Tuma & Sieben

They filed their response and shipped it off to Office of Administrative Hearings for an investigation (note statute says “hearing” … oh well…):

AFCL Complaint forwarded to OAH for hearing

Here’s the result, hot off the press:

There’s no requirement of public participation? Minn. Stat. 216E.08, Subd. 2. And parties? No mention. What’s the point of being a party? And following that Office of Legislative Auditor report, guess it doesn’t matter, no one is paying attention.:

Public Utilities Commission’s Public Participation Processes – OLA-Report

Notice of a new topic on the agenda isn’t required? Yeah, I guess the notice statutes don’t matter.

Talking to a participant is not ex party contact? The County is indeed a participant…

Next step is that it goes to the Commission to rubber stamp it.

Who cares? Listen to this:

Don’t need more tRump inciting — look how tRump’s invasion of Portland and the TRUMP caravan through town this weekend went. More divisiveness, more incitement, more tension, more outrage? That’s the last thing Kenosha needs. Too many ugly and sometimes threatening comments on my thorough post the other day. White supremacist vigilante kills 2 in Kenosha

Ailing Kenosha on edge as Trump visit looms amid tensions – Most arrested during Kenosha protests not from city


Send emails (easy-peasy cut & paste) to:

City of Kenosha Common Council and City Attorney:

webcityattorney@kenosha.org, district1@kenosha.org, district2@kenosha.org, district3@kenosha.org, district4@kenosha.org, district5@kenosha.org, district6@kenosha.org, district7@kenosha.org, district8@kenosha.org, district9@kenosha.org, district10@kenosha.org, district11@kenosha.org, district12@kenosha.org, district13@kenosha.org, district14@kenosha.org, district15@kenosha.org, district16@kenosha.org, district17@kenosha.org

Kenosha County Board of Supervisors:

William.Grady@kenoshacounty.org, Terry.Rose@kenoshacounty.org, Jeffrey.Gentz@kenoshacounty.org, Laura.Belsky@kenoshacounty.org, David.Celebre@kenoshacounty.org, Edward.Kubicki@kenoshacounty.org, daniel.gaschke@kenoshacounty.org, Zach.Rodriguez@kenoshacounty.org, john.franco@kenoshacounty.org, andy.berg@kenoshacounty.org, Ronald.Frederick@kenoshacounty.org, Gabe.Nudo@kenoshacounty.org,  John.Oday@kenoshacounty.org, Boyd.Frederick@kenoshacounty.org, amy.maurer@kenoshacounty.org, Jerry.Gulley@kenoshacounty.org, jeff.wamboldt@kenoshacounty.org, Monica.Yuhas@kenoshacounty.org, Sandra.Beth@kenoshacounty.org, Sharon.Pomaville@kenoshacounty.org, Mark.Nordigian@kenoshacounty.org, Erin.Decker@kenoshacounty.org, Lon.Wienke@kenoshacounty.org

Governor Tony Evers told tRump to STAY HOME! That’s the most sensible thing to come out of Wisconsin for weeks. And a missive of support to Gov. Tony Evers would be helpful:

Contact Gov. Tony Evers