Xcel Energy’s SEC 10-K

February 21st, 2024

Xcel’s 10-K is out, and here it is:

Check it out.

First, the peak demand, as Xcel is making bizarre claims now of projected 1.8% increase in peak demand, changed from 0.2%, or is it -0.2%, in their “Revised Application” for the MN Energy CON transmission line. Here’s “peak demand” for 2023, compared with “peak demand” for 2022. Note 2023 is LOWER than 2022, and peak demand remains essentially FLAT. DOH!

From Xcel’s IRP, filed just the other day, Chapter 1, p. 7 of 15:

And this, IRP, Chapter 3, 2 of 29:

And this, IRP Chapter 3, p. 3 of 29:

Are we really supposed to take this seriously?? Here’s peak demand over the last 24 years:

This little tidbit from p. 17 of the SEC 10-K, under “Risk Factors,” kinda says it all:

Once more with feeling:

Connect the dots, it isn’t rocket science, it’s only electricity.

No CapX 2020 Comments filed today

February 21st, 2024

Lots of Comments filed today for Scoping of the Environmental Impact Statement for the MN Energy CON, both Certificate of Nee and Routing dockets (E02/CN_22-131 and TL-22-132).

Filed for NoCapX 2020 today — EIS Scoping Comments and Attachments:

Yesterday I saw notice that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is working on an amendment to the Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) plant in Red Wing. Here’s the notice:

It’s regarded as a “major source” under the federal rules. At that plant, they make oil from soybeans, however there’s also “new raw materials for processing,” and more:

Not only is the ADM plant regarded as a “major source,” the “permit action is a major amendment” so notice has been sent out to the public. There are three options for weighing in on this:

This is the chart of projected emissions in tons:

How many pounds per year of emissions does that mean? It doesn’t say, and it should. I’ve added tons per year, and left the blanks for TOTAL because they’ve not told us what the annual emissions are, just the increase!

Maybe that’s in the Draft Air Permit?

Or maybe it’s in the Technical Support Document?

This is not my area of expertise — Alan Muller, it’s all yours!! My take is that since most of us really don’t know what this means and can’t make meaningful comments, we should have an informational meeting so we know what we’re talking about. That’s #2 on the list of participation options:

If you’d like them to hold an information meeting, here’s what they expect to see in that request, in addition to points 1, 2, and 3 above:

Public meetings are possible, though don’t hold your breath on a contested case, I’ve been involved in some pretty intense matters before the MPCA, and I’ve yet to see a contested case request granted. Public hearings have happened, so that’s something else to request if you’re wanting to see/hear public involvement.

Send written comments on the draft permit, and FYI, comments should be specific, pointing out things on specific pages, specific tables, and what they mean, what’s not included that should be, etc., again, be sure to address points 1, 2, and 3:

Get to work!!!

Trump’s got a lot more than toilet paper sticking now. Judge Engoron’s Decision and Order is a joy to read. It’s about time this house of cards starts crashing down.

And the short version:

A while back I sent a Data Practices Act Request to the MPCA about the status of Xcel’s Red Wing garbage burner. It’s spewing, spewing, spewing, and its permit expired in 2009!

That’s right, 2009!

What are they doing, if anything? Here’s the link to the docs in answer to that DPA request:


This link is good for 90 days, so better download. It’s a LOT, and hard to tell what’s what, and as we all know, there are things hiding in there.