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January 16th, 2021

Pence letter – no to 25th

January 12th, 2021

QAnon- what to do?

January 10th, 2021

When folks around you are mired in QAnon, conspiracies, lies, what to do? I’ve come around to thinking that what’s needed is intervention, and treatment and/or deprogramming, as with cults, or in 12 Step chemical dependency models.

After this last week, each of us should be asking this question and grappling with action.

From Psychology Today:

Part 1 – The Psychological Needs That QAnon FeedsWhat to do when someone you love becomes obsessed with QAnon


Part 2 – How Far Down the QAnon Rabbit Hole Did Your Loved One Fall? What to do when someone you love becomes obsessed with QAnon


Part 3 – 4 Keys to Help Someone Climb Out of the QAnon Rabbit Hole – What to do when someone you love becomes obsessed with QAnon

Counter-protesters question why they weren't allowed to cross Golden Gate  Bridge during pro-Trump rally in San Francisco organized by 'Walk Away' -  ABC7 San Francisco

This is a little too “psych lite” for me, but in talking about intervention, there is this, which makes sense:

Another form of psychotherapy that could be applied to conspiracy theory beliefs is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is designed to challenge “cognitive distortions” and false beliefs by looking at evidence to disconfirm them.

From the article, a reading list:

David Neiwert’s forthcoming book Red Pill, Blue Pill: How to Counteract the Conspiracy Theories That Are Killing Us also looks to be a worthwhile read.

I find these antics SO counterproductive, because when people flaut and flaunt COVID protections, it means we have a longer struggle to “normal.”

Albert Lea Restaurant fined for defying governor’s orders

From the article:

An Albert Lea restaurant will have to pay $3,000 every day it is open for indoor dining after it violated Gov. Tim Walz’s orders closing indoor dining in Minnesota.

The Freeborn County District Court found the Interchange Wine and Coffee Bistro in contempt of court for violating a restraining order it issued back in December that required the restaurant to close indoor and on-premises dining, according to a news release issued Friday by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

The court ordered Interchange to pay a fine of $3,000 every day it is open for indoor dining and to comply with future executive orders.

On its website, Interchange says it is open for indoor dining. It has been open for in-person dining since Walz’s order in November shutting down indoor dining, closed only on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The Attorney General’s Office sued the restaurant on Dec. 21, and a temporary restraining order was issued on Dec. 23.

A call to the restaurant was not returned Friday evening.

The Interchange fb page is still up, says they’re open tonight!

At least 6 GOP legislators took part in Trump-inspired protests

Other state’s legislators were in Washington D.C. participating in that fracas listed here — click name for contact info:

West Virginia state Rep. Derrick Evans – RESIGNED. WV Delegate Derrick Evans resigns from House of Delegates

Tennessee state Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver

Virginia state Senator Amanda Chase

Missouri state Representative Justin Hill

Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano

Michigan Representative Matt Maddock