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WTF??? In the STrib:

Nuclear antidote chemical will be distributed

It will go to people living near the state’s two nuclear power plants and would provide some protection in an accident.

Tom Meersman, Star Tribune

Every person within 10 miles of Minnesota’s two nuclear power plants will receive vouchers for two free doses of potassium iodide, which would offer some protection in the event of a nuclear accident, state officials said Tuesday.

The state has received the first round of potassium iodide supplies from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and will distribute them later this year, the Department of Public Safety announced.

The supplies will go to businesses, schools and individuals who live and work near the Monticello and Prairie Island plants, each about 50 miles from the Twin Cities.

“People shouldn’t worry, because nothing has changed as far as the security and safety of the plants,” said Doug Neville, spokesman for the department’s division of homeland security. “Nothing has changed as far as our plans to be sure we’re ready in the unlikely event of something happening.”

The state has been discussing the measure with federal officials for two years, Neville said.

Twenty other states already have the supplies.

Although the state expects that about 85,000 people will live within the two plants’ 10-mile emergency planning zones by 2010, it will receive about 320,000 doses in tablets and 50,000 liquid doses, which are easier for children to take. The extra supplies will allow a tribal casino and city hotels and restaurants to give them to patrons if needed.

Potassium iodide helps protect the human thyroid gland, particularly vulnerable to certain types of radiation, by not letting it absorb dangerous radioactive iodine that might be released in a nuclear accident.

“This isn’t like a magic radiation pill,” Neville said. “The preferred method of protecting the public … is evacuation.” Potassium iodide is just another layer of protection, he said, in case people cannot be evacuated quickly because of weather, traffic or other problems.

Some welcome plan

The Prairie Island tribal community, whose nearest homes are 600 yards from the plant, had been considering getting potassium iodide on its own and welcomed the announcement, said spokesman Jake Reint.

Stan Slessor, Red Wing schools superintendent, said all city schools, with 3,200 students and staff members, are within 10 miles of the nuclear plant. He said the district’s chief nurse has been discussing use of potassium iodide supplies with state, utility and local emergency planners for months.

“It’s fairly early in the process,” said Slessor. “We’re working on our plan” for storing and using the potassium iodide and will consult with parents about it.

Within 10 miles of the Monticello plant are all or part of the Monticello, Maple Lake, Big Lake, Buffalo and Becker school districts.

Rick Wolfsteller, Monticello’s city administrator, had not heard about the potassium iodide supplies until told by a reporter. Although Wright County handles much of the emergency planning in the area, he said he was surprised that his office had not been informed.

“This might make people kind of wonder why this is being done now, since the plant has been here since 1970,” he said. “It will make people more alarmed than necessary unless there’s a good information campaign about why they’re doing it and what’s the benefit.”

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Excelsior’s Mesaba power plant siting, transmission and pipeline application is in, and word is that Commerce Staff is recommending that rather than the Citizens Advisory Task Force, the PUC should appoint a “working group with local units of government.” The public is shut out once again. This is getting really old…

The “working group” and Task Force will be addressed by the PUC at their meeting on July 6, at 9:00 a.m.

Here’s the rule that provides for the Task Force. We need to have the public involved, looking into the nooks and crannies of this application, applying the critical eye that only locals have. This project needs some serious scrutiny.

Click here and email Burl Haar, Executive Sec. of PUC, and tell him that for the Excelsior/Mesaba siting docket 05-94-PPS you’re requesting that the PUC appoint a Citizens Advisory Task Force, because the public should be involved in this first of a kind decision, that regular people invested in the community, people who have to live with the result, must be able to take part.

The entire application is now on the … PUC siting… Commerce… the agency formerly known as “EQB”… site.



Today was the Lake City Waterski Days Parade, and as usual, the Green Party contingent was following the horses, “Cleaning Up Politics,” with lots of cheers from the crowd, and even the parade judges cheered — they were blessed with a particularly large pile right in the middle of the band judging area! Not to fear, pooper scoopers to the rescue. Some other Waterski Days parade they tried to march behind Sen. Steve Murphy, but the parade organizers wouldn’t allow it! Anyway, we were right behind Sandy Wollschlager. FULL DISCLOSURE: Sandy and I really disagree on a few things, but we also really agree on a couple very important things… Anyway, she had her horse, though she left her DFL ass behind, apparently he’s too slow for parades. Drat! But watching her work the crowd from her horse, who was spunky, attentive and just perfect, a kid magnet, it was inspiring. A little of that technique on Steve Sviggum ought to keep him in line. No spurs though… for Sviggum, that’d be a necessity!

Wollschlager 003.jpg

Dan Ryan had his pick up truck and a supporters in T-shirts, yawn, but Wollschlager had her truckette with the paint job, and a trailer with a beach theme, and lots of wildly clothed folks and beach gear. Given her horse and our clean up duties, we were a good combo. There was a good turnout from both Lake City and Red Wing — my neighbor just down the block, the guy with that big adorable yellow lab, was there, Susan from Nuclear Waste Daze, and all the usual suspects, a little part of a bigger band in a trailer behind Sig’s Prius, a VW diesel, and another Prius, and it seemed John Sandquist, formerly of the Red Wing City Council and the Nuclear Waste Citizen Task Force, spent more time on the Green side! shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone…

Wollschlager 001_edited.jpg

Dan Ryan hasn’t got a chance — I mean, who would vote for a highway in Chicago? Poor guy pounded on my door — he probably won’t do that again!

… and MPCA Part 70 permit, NPDES permit, DNR Water Appropriation permit…

… and on the PUC side of things, I got the “Public Copy” of documents…

… a little light reading for my weekend enjoyment.

Mesaba Filings.jpg

For your very own copy, get ahold of Excelsior:

Excelsior Energy Inc.
Crescent Ridge Corporate Center
11100 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 305
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305

952.847.2360 Phone
952.847.2373 Fax
info@excelsiorenergy.com Email

The CD looks good, I’d give it a 99, it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it…

…sigh… here we go


Frank Wright sent a heads up — here’s the Winona Daily News article:

Lanesboro residents file Campaign Finance complaint against Davids

… and it’s not the first time Davids had campaign finance violations. See “Greg Davids’ Failed Damage Control.”

Here’s the CFBoard’s finding in 2004.


Here’s Greg Davids’ 2005 Campaign Finance Report – and remember 2005 is an off year. He didn’t sign at the bottom of p. 5 where he has to certify that the report is true. Check this:

$35,495.47 spent on “non-campaign” expenses
$ 5,072.30 spent on “campaign” expenses
$43,826.61 Off-year spending, including above plus “other”

What is he spending it on?

“Constituent services – pens, business card magnets”
“Constituent services – phones (three companies’ bills)(how to tell campaign v. constituent?)”
“Constituent services – out of district mileage” which is issue in Complaint – what is this?
“Parking at Capitol 2005 – $582” Isn’t that what Dog gives him a “per diem” for?
“Delos Computer Solutions” is double-billed, same day, same amount, as campaign and non-campaign expense
“Lockridge, Grindahl, Nauen – Meeting Expense $200,00” That’s the lobbying firm Christian Sande works for! Is Davids paying that lobbying firm to organize meetings for him? Or organize fundraisers for lobbyists to contribute to him? What is this?
“Public Utilities Commission – office utilities” all non-campaign expense?
“Office rent @ $300/mo” non-campaign expense — all of it?
$3,000+ of “other” and it’s all non-itemized expense?
And look at all the “Suggestion Solicitation” items under “non-campaign” expense — that’s the primary thing he was busted for in the CFBoard Order above!

Yeah, I’d have questions too… Thanks to Peggy Hanson, Frank Wright and Harlan Taylor for holding Davids’ accountable.