Frank Wright sent a heads up — here’s the Winona Daily News article:

Lanesboro residents file Campaign Finance complaint against Davids

… and it’s not the first time Davids had campaign finance violations. See “Greg Davids’ Failed Damage Control.”

Here’s the CFBoard’s finding in 2004.


Here’s Greg Davids’ 2005 Campaign Finance Report – and remember 2005 is an off year. He didn’t sign at the bottom of p. 5 where he has to certify that the report is true. Check this:

$35,495.47 spent on “non-campaign” expenses
$ 5,072.30 spent on “campaign” expenses
$43,826.61 Off-year spending, including above plus “other”

What is he spending it on?

“Constituent services – pens, business card magnets”
“Constituent services – phones (three companies’ bills)(how to tell campaign v. constituent?)”
“Constituent services – out of district mileage” which is issue in Complaint – what is this?
“Parking at Capitol 2005 – $582” Isn’t that what Dog gives him a “per diem” for?
“Delos Computer Solutions” is double-billed, same day, same amount, as campaign and non-campaign expense
“Lockridge, Grindahl, Nauen – Meeting Expense $200,00” That’s the lobbying firm Christian Sande works for! Is Davids paying that lobbying firm to organize meetings for him? Or organize fundraisers for lobbyists to contribute to him? What is this?
“Public Utilities Commission – office utilities” all non-campaign expense?
“Office rent @ $300/mo” non-campaign expense — all of it?
$3,000+ of “other” and it’s all non-itemized expense?
And look at all the “Suggestion Solicitation” items under “non-campaign” expense — that’s the primary thing he was busted for in the CFBoard Order above!

Yeah, I’d have questions too… Thanks to Peggy Hanson, Frank Wright and Harlan Taylor for holding Davids’ accountable.

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