City of Red Wing 2023 Budget

October 26th, 2022

It’s that time of year again…

Lots to review, the budget is no small thing! This is the City’s Budget page, which will be updated before and after meetings:

2023 Budget Planning

From the August 29, 2022 meeting, primary docs:

Purpose of the August 29, 2022, City Council Budget Workshop
The purpose of the budget workshop is to further discuss the 2023 levy and review Special Revenue funds.

Other primary documents for consideration:

  1. Budget Overview (PDF)
  2. 2019 10-Year Strategic Plan with Council top priorities highlighted (PDF)

Seeing so many drought posts, photos of the Mississippi River at such low levels, looking at the Elephant Butte reservoir and the Rio Grande, drought affecting bird migration through California, essentially drought throughout much of U.S., particularly east of the Mississippi:

… and as I was deleting files, cleaning up computer as I clean up hard copy boxes and boxes of old files (i.e., the Mesaba Project, glad to be putting that one away), I found a report on water needs of power plants, it’s old, but I’d guess relevant, eh?

Here’s the 2011 update:

2011 Update: Estimating Freshwater Needs to Meet Future Thermoelectric Generation Requirements

Interesting that a search doesn’t turn up anything newer!!! Another from 2011:

A Review of Operational Water Consumption and Withdrawal Factors for Electricity Generating Technologies

There is this, so July 2022, must need other search terms???

NETL Co-Develops New Model for Sustainable Freshwater Use by Power Plants

When boats are having a hard time getting around on the Mississippi River, what does this mean for all the power plants dependent on the Mississippi for their water supply? Even our lovely garbage burner here on the river, not to mention Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant!

Sviggum out as V. Chair, but…

October 25th, 2022

Resigning as Vice Chair of U of M Board of Regents is a start, but RESIGN FROM BOARD OF REGENTS.


Dear Chancellor Ericksen and the University of Minnesota Morris community:
Today, I want to extend my sincere apology on behalf of the Board of Regents following Regent Sviggum’s apology yesterday. As you know, last Thursday Regent Sviggum asked a question regarding Morris enrollment. We all bear responsibility for speaking up and condemning the question, whether on Thursday or in our Friday meeting. As the leader of our board, I should have done better and I am not proud of my inaction.
Our Board is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and it is a central anchor of the president’s MPact 2025 strategic plan, which the Board has fully endorsed. We are inspired every day by the diversity of thought, of inquiry, of vision, and of presence that drives our institution forward.
In March of 2023, we will hold the Board of Regents meeting on the Morris campus. With the full Board on campus, we will focus on engaging with the Morris community, including