Xcel demand remains down

February 17th, 2021

Xcel Energy’s 10-K for 2020 is out:

Peak demand remains under 9,000MW:

Note the peak was 2006, we got close in 2011, but not above that 2006 peak. Right now, we’re 1,200MW below that 2006 peak, essentially the equivalent of Prairie Island nuclear plant’s two reactors.

We’ve got the surplus generation to make some choices, folks…

PPSA Annual Hearing Report

December 30th, 2020

It’s out, the Administrative Law Judge’s report on this year’s Power Plant Siting Act Annual Hearing. The hearing this year was particularly frustrating, horrible turnout, and I’ve got a part in that, because I didn’t spend the massive amounts of time getting notice out to people, drumming up interest, so there is that…

Here’s the Report:

Here are a couple of documents to check out that I included with a written comment:

Brainfart today while working on Data Requests.

NextEra’s Grant County Solar Energy Center Citizen Concerns and Their Justifications

If you’re wanting to site solar on land, rather than on rooftops, wouldn’t transmission easements be a logical place to site solar?

Some lines have distribution underbuilds for convenient interconnection, and many have distributions crossing at various points, for convenient interconnection.

Trees have been cleared, and clearances should be sufficient to allow for low arrays.

Why not? Do tell…

From wind siting, I know that siting decisions are often backwards, and with solar, that is certainly the case. They get the land first, and then figure out how to connect. Distributed solar isn’t even considered, siting near load isn’t even considered. There are better ways to do this.

PPSA Annual Hearing NOW

November 20th, 2020

RIGHT NOW! It’s the PPSA Annual Hearing… sigh… here we go again.

Go to webex, Event # 146 311 2620. The powerpoint slides will be here (and will also be filed on eDockets).

To be able to comment, you have to get on the phone 866-609-6127, Conference ID: 4449079, and to comment, you need to press #1 and get in queue.

Here is the Commerce info about this year’s projects:

And for the record, folks, note that wind is not exempt from many of the parts of the PPSA:

Last trip 2020 – Mirror Lake

October 1st, 2020

Last of the trips for 2020, last of TWO, that’s it, just two this year! Thanks, COVID!

Mirror Lake State Park books up as soon as sites are reservable, and when the parks opened up again, this was the only time “our” site in the Cliffwood loop was open. Weather was great, cool but not cold. But we did hit more parks than Mirror Lake. Usually when here, we head to Madison, do some visiting, but everything’s closed, so we instead went to the state parks that were close. Good weather until we went to Devil’s Lake State Park, and the wind blew and rain came crashing down just after we got there:

And the next day, went to Rocky Arbor State Park. We’d been there before, once in summer and the bugs were so bad, couldn’t stick around. This late in the fall it was just right, sunny and NO BUGS, though the park was closed. We parked at the gate and hiked up the hill to the campground, wanted to check it out, and yes, you can find a rocky arbor or two here:

The campground is HUGE, and apparently VERY busy in the summer. Doesn’t really appeal to me because it’s so near the highway, lots of road noise, more than Mirror Lake!

Most of the sites are large and spaced well with foliage between sites, and these big sites are more common in Wisconsin than Minnesota.

From the campground, we headed down to the boggy part, down the stairs to the buggy part, and they were GONE!