Protest v. boogaloo

May 29th, 2020

Minnesota is destabilized and burning. Who benefits from the chaos? Who benefits from the destruction?

Police Chief: Much of the riot damage caused by those from outside Minneapolis

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey calls Minneapolis unrest ‘unacceptable’; President Donald Trump promises action

Trump? Action? “Any difficulty and we will assume control…” WHAT? NO! STAY AWAY!

But wait, even twitter thought that was a bit much — how about just deleting this maniac’s account:

Anyway, who are these outsiders?

Right-Wing ‘Race War” Wannabees Could Make George Floyd Protests Go Nuclear

After seeing Unicorn Riot interview the guy with the big gun roaming the street at the 3rd Precinct protest Wednesday, after seeing the “Umbrella Guy” breaking windows, and seeing the boogaloo flag by the AutoZone and screenshots of their twits and fb groups, methinks they’ve already “gone nuclear.”

Far-right ‘boogaloo’ militants have embedded themselves in the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis: ‘They want their civil war’

Some background:

The Boogaloo Movement Is Not What You Think

After seeing the 4th Precinct shooting, this is not far-fetched:

Scarsella rebuffed by MN S.Ct. July 31st, 2019

For the pre-shooting video:

REVEALED: Accused Minneapolis shooters fascinated with guns, militia groups and the Confederacy

Minneapolis burning

May 28th, 2020

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Minneapolis is burning, and it’s been smoldering for quite a while. I just woke up after a rough night of long-distance watching the livestreams, as I’m sure you have, and your thoughtfulness this morning has eased my headache.

As Jim Bernstein (can we have you back in Commerce, please?!?) said on the Mpls yak-yak list, “I intensely dislike the looting and vandalism but I must admit I am not angry about it; I reserve that anger for the Minneapolis Police officers and their stone cold silence. I believe the looting and smashing of police vehicles is of no consequence when measured against four police officers participating in the killing of a citizen and acting as if nothing of consequence happened.” In the context of looting and vandalism, after watching hours of police on top of and surrounding 3rd Precinct firing rubber bullets, flashbangs and teargas indiscriminately directly at people standing quietly, pepper-spraying those within reach, most with hands in the air, the violence started not long after the 3rd person (reported, but were there more) was hit in the head. The actions of the police were offensive, there was no effort at deescalation. Over the interwebs, it looked like retribution and retaliation for the firing of the 4 cops.

I had hopes for Arradondo’s term as Chief, but his words and demeanor in recent press conferences, and those of Mayor Frey, are not consistent with behavior of police I saw yesterday. Yes, they need to be leaders, and it takes more than words — where were they yesterday when police were picking off and inciting demonstrators? Who benefits from the violence? Google Bob Kroll, and there he is in his “Police for Trump” T-shirt on stage at the Minneapolis Trump rally. The U.S. is deeply divided and obscenely partisan. Blue Minneapolis, and Minnesota too, are now destabilized and in eruption. A look at fb will show a far different perception than the words in this thread. Who benefits from the violence? Who benefits from destabilization?

We’re on or over the precipice of change, and while we may have little or no influence, we’ve got to work on the type of change, the result, the landing. We have another chance to rebuild our society, to rebuild as we’ve failed to do before. It’s not “just” racism, but our economic system as well. Those of us with privilege have a lot of work to do, but what? Damned if I know.

The “easy” part is to push for swift prosecution of the murderer and his accomplices. Another “easy” part is to push MPD on the Department of Justice recommendations. The harder part is beyond the MPD, to the systemic change that we have for centuries refused to do. I have no clue how to get to “liberty and justice for all.” The realization that we weren’t there hit this impressionable kid hard while saying the Pledge one winter day back in 4th grade at Armatage, reinforced doing gruntwork in the Harry Davis for Mayor campaign, and my first hearing testimony to the School Board about desegregation of Minneapolis Public Schools and the fierce and ugly resistance to bussing.  50+ years of life since then has taught me that advocating has to do with visible, public action, with “choices” in day to day life, and fervent participation, that’s nothing new. But equality, equity? Demanding equity does not make it so. That change will not come easily. Those of us on the privileged end of things have an obligation and responsibility that many of us are already well aware of and have been working on for a long time — but what to do now?

Suggestions welcome, please!!!

p.s. Yesterday while watching Unicorn Riot, I was reminded of the trucker’s strike at that same location ~90 years ago. My father lived nearby and told stories of running through the streets evading bullets flying.  Meridel LeSuer’s account, “What Happens in a Strike,” is worth rereading today.


And this white guy agent-provocateur, he was seen breaking the windows of AutoZone:

Remember this:

Freeborn Wind Pre-construction Mtg? May 14th, 2020

Here’s Commerce-EERA’s response, POST pre-construction meeting:

Hello Ms. Overland,

EERA would like to address your request to be provided information regarding the Freeborn Wind Farm Pre-Construction Meeting held last Wednesday, May 13th.  EERA holds and conducts pre-construction meetings as directed per the issued site permit, which indicates that EERA staff and Commission staff are to meet with the Permittee.  We do occasionally extend invitations to other state agencies and local county staff that have permitting and regulatory authority over portions of the project, local boards or authorities with jurisdiction in the project area, and occasionally participating landowners with interest in project construction activities specific to their property.  These additional attendees are not the same for all projects, and they are only included for clarification and discussion on items or issues for which they have direct approval responsibilities or authority. 

It is our understanding that pre-construction meetings for wind facilities are not covered by Minnesota’s Open Meeting Laws, as there is no final decision being made and there are no individuals present at the meeting with the authority to make a final decision with respect to authorization of project construction.  These meetings are held to ensure that the Permittee has provided the necessary pre-construction filings and satisfied the necessary pre-construction compliance aspects of the conditions and special conditions in their site permit.  Pre-construction meetings are not held as another opportunity for environmental review and public comments.  All the items referenced in compliance filings, general construction activities, turbine locations, access roads, collector lines, ABPP, downstream permits, etc. have been included in the environmental review and public participation associated with the project’s site permit application, public information meeting, development of a draft site permit, public hearing and essentially the entire permitting process as well as the permit amendment process.  

As you have specifically mentioned that the Commission is responsible to promote public participation, and EERA does agree with promoting and encouraging public participation.  However, the Commission is directed to promote and encourage public participation during the site permitting process, which they currently do through public information meetings, public hearings, and public comment periods.  The Commission has issued a site permit, and multiple amended site permits for the Freeborn Wind Farm, with that, the permitting process has been completed and the Project has proceeded on to the permit compliance phase.  EERA is responsible for ensuring that the Permittee is meeting the Commission approved site permit conditions and special conditions. If you have specific compliance concerns, please provide EERA with details on the compliance issue and identify which site permit condition or special conditions has not been complied with, so EERA can follow up.

Thank you,

Rich Davis

It looks like I missed posting Xcel Energy’s Peak Demand for 2019, down from 2018. You can get all their SEC filings on their INVESTORS’ page.

Here’s their 2019 SEC 10-K:

And here’s what the last 20 years looks like:

Hacking suspected as technical difficulties stymie Minnesota GOP convention

Hard to do anything but SNORT! The main thing they had to do was to endorse a Senate Candidate to run against Sen. Tina Smith. One of the two is Jason Lewis.

JASON LEWIS? How could anyone take Jason Lewis seriously? He was our carpetbagger one-term Representative here in CD2 — really — he didn’t even live in the district! He’s the one who would not hold town halls until near the end, when he held one of the most policed ever, one that required a reservation (and few were given), intense police showing outside and in, requirement of ID to get in, and no direct questions, only pre-written on cards and heavily edited if used with no follow-up when he ducked and swerved. Rep. Jason Lewis is clueless about so much – May 21, 2018

And his judgment? The photo above says it all.

‘Liberate’ protesters put others at risk – STrib Editorial

This 2020 election will be a 2018 redo for Jason Loser.

In the meantime, since they can’t handle online, it’s time to “OPEN UP” the GOP. Hold their convention in person, no masks, no distancing, and invite tRump as main event and for the pre and post convention mingling.