Hacking suspected as technical difficulties stymie Minnesota GOP convention

Hard to do anything but SNORT! The main thing they had to do was to endorse a Senate Candidate to run against Sen. Tina Smith. One of the two is Jason Lewis.

JASON LEWIS? How could anyone take Jason Lewis seriously? He was our carpetbagger one-term Representative here in CD2 — really — he didn’t even live in the district! He’s the one who would not hold town halls until near the end, when he held one of the most policed ever, one that required a reservation (and few were given), intense police showing outside and in, requirement of ID to get in, and no direct questions, only pre-written on cards and heavily edited if used with no follow-up when he ducked and swerved. Rep. Jason Lewis is clueless about so much – May 21, 2018

And his judgment? The photo above says it all.

‘Liberate’ protesters put others at risk – STrib Editorial

This 2020 election will be a 2018 redo for Jason Loser.

In the meantime, since they can’t handle online, it’s time to “OPEN UP” the GOP. Hold their convention in person, no masks, no distancing, and invite tRump as main event and for the pre and post convention mingling.

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