Today was the Lake City Waterski Days Parade, and as usual, the Green Party contingent was following the horses, “Cleaning Up Politics,” with lots of cheers from the crowd, and even the parade judges cheered — they were blessed with a particularly large pile right in the middle of the band judging area! Not to fear, pooper scoopers to the rescue. Some other Waterski Days parade they tried to march behind Sen. Steve Murphy, but the parade organizers wouldn’t allow it! Anyway, we were right behind Sandy Wollschlager. FULL DISCLOSURE: Sandy and I really disagree on a few things, but we also really agree on a couple very important things… Anyway, she had her horse, though she left her DFL ass behind, apparently he’s too slow for parades. Drat! But watching her work the crowd from her horse, who was spunky, attentive and just perfect, a kid magnet, it was inspiring. A little of that technique on Steve Sviggum ought to keep him in line. No spurs though… for Sviggum, that’d be a necessity!

Wollschlager 003.jpg

Dan Ryan had his pick up truck and a supporters in T-shirts, yawn, but Wollschlager had her truckette with the paint job, and a trailer with a beach theme, and lots of wildly clothed folks and beach gear. Given her horse and our clean up duties, we were a good combo. There was a good turnout from both Lake City and Red Wing — my neighbor just down the block, the guy with that big adorable yellow lab, was there, Susan from Nuclear Waste Daze, and all the usual suspects, a little part of a bigger band in a trailer behind Sig’s Prius, a VW diesel, and another Prius, and it seemed John Sandquist, formerly of the Red Wing City Council and the Nuclear Waste Citizen Task Force, spent more time on the Green side! shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone…

Wollschlager 001_edited.jpg

Dan Ryan hasn’t got a chance — I mean, who would vote for a highway in Chicago? Poor guy pounded on my door — he probably won’t do that again!

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