USPS to reverse service changes

October 15th, 2020

In yet another result of the multi-state lawsuits against the United States Post Office under control of DeJoy, there’s been a settlement agreement with Montana:

The postal service agreed to reverse all changes, which included reduced retail hours, removal of collection boxes and mail sorting machines, closure or consolidation of mail processing facilities, restriction of late or extra trips for timely mail delivery, and banning or restricting overtime.

The agreement also requires the Postal Service to prioritize election mail.

The settlement agreement was reached a day ahead of a hearing in the U.S. District Court in Great Falls. It applies to all states.

Full article here:

Postal Service agrees to reverse service changes

There were 14 states in this suit, and Minnesota was one:

Minnesota joins multistate lawsuit over postal changes

Attorney General Ellison sues Postal Service to stop dramatic changes that would undermine election, hurt Minnesotans

What are the changes they proposed and suddenly put into effect? And I’d found this, the “Expedited to Street Afternoon Sortation,” which ground so much mail to a halt. There’s probably more…

Here’s a post about it:

Contact USPS Inspector General

Donald Trump Tells Gretchen Whitmer ‘Open Up Your State’ After FBI Foils Kidnap Plot

… and this?

Republican leaders join anti-Whitmer rally outside Capitol after FBI reports murder plot against her

Unreal… no words…

And in the press conference yesterday, it was stated several times that other states were targeted.

Remember this?

Hope to see reports of arrests soon. Of course, Barr claims he knew nothing about the threats and plot against Gov. Whitmer.

Gov. Whitmer tells it like it is:

Whitmer after kidnapping plot: Trump’s tolerance for extremists makes him ‘complicit’

Up for Public Inspection in the Federal Register today, THREE (3) Presidential Permits for cross-border pipelines. So much for sick-leave…

Live updates: Trump’s doctor raises questions about timeline of diagnosis, treatment at press conference

At a Saturday morning press conference, President Trump’s medical team suggested that the President knew he tested positive for coronavirus earlier than has been previously reported. Dr. Sean Conley, Trump’s physician, said that we’re “72 hours into the diagnosis,” meaning the President could have test positive as early as Wednesday.

“72 hours into the diagnosis” from Saturday morning statement, means testing positive Wednesday morning. That means testing positive before going to the $200,000/couple fundraiser inside a home in Shorewood, Minnesota on Lake Minnetonka; it means testing positive before flying up to Duluth with many Minnesota political folks and holding the Duluth rally; it means testing positive before holding an “up to” $250,000 ticket fundraiser, where he bet with a small group of big donors, and where he went table to table shaking hands.

From ABC News (but the link disappeared!):

Prior to the main event, Trump participated in an event with a much smaller group and a looser environment. Dr. Rich Roberts said in a video posted on the website The Lakewood Scoop that he attended the event and was part of the “small group” of roughly 20 donors that participated in a roundtable discussion on Iran, China, debate strategy and other topics. It was held at a rectangular table.

Here’s the ABC link that works now:

Day after seeing Trump at Bedminster fundraiser, guests ‘flabbergasted’ to learn he was stricken

Here’s an interesting chart – details needed on the Minnesota Davis’ fundraiser:

COVID-19 at the White House – Contact Tracing

And this report:

President Donald Trump, who announced on Friday that he had tested positive for COVID-19, did not wear a mask during a Thursday afternoon campaign fundraiser at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club, according to a person who was at the club. Trump mingled with the crowd of about 150 donors, at one point going table-to-table to shake hands with attendees, according to the source, who asked not to be identified. This behavior is typical for Trump when he visits the club—members often approach him to shake hands and chat. But this time, Trump may have been contagious.

And in Daily Kos:

Trump knew he was COVID-19 positive on Wednesday, and lied to the nation for 2 full days

It’s clear that raising that money at the two exclusive big-buck fundraisers and doing the Duluth rally were more important than the health of people who showed up. People at the indoor fundraiser, people on the plane to Duluth, which includes many of our Minnesota R pols, and all those at the rally in Duluth. SHAME! It’s criminal to inflict COVID exposure this way.

And this:

Chris Wallace Says Donald Trump Wasn’t Tested for COVID Pre-Debate Because He Arrived Late

Well, DOH!

Irony, thoughts and prayers

October 3rd, 2020

Look at this photo. Elbow to elbow. Count the masks. How is this set up not irresponsible high-risk intentional COVID spread? It’s beyond negligence. This outbreak in the tRump administration looks like it goes back to the Rose Garden announcement of Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Many who were there are now suffering from COVID. Whose idea was this set up with zero distancing (except to the stage, 12-15 feet there), who let these folks come in without masks on, who let this shitshow go forward? This is beyond irresponsible, it’s intentional disregard for science and for every person there (and why on earth would anyone participate in this during a pandemic?). Responsibility goes a long way, and irresponsibility is spreading far and wide. At least seven present now have confirmed COVID, how many more? How many more were infected by those now testing positive? How many will die? How many will “recover” but suffer long term impacts?

This is on tRump and his minions, and now, literally he, and they, are paying the price. But so many more were infected. Everyone in this administration shares some responsibility for letting this occur. Trump’s disregard for science and the pandemic has come home to roost.

“Thoughts and prayers.”

Scrutiny on Rose Garden event after Kellyanne Conway and other guests test positive for Covid

Trump sets off multi-state Covid tracing crisis

Utterly irresponsible:

Minnesota Republicans fly Delta home from D.C. after COVID-19 exposure

Reps. Stauber, Emmer and Hagedorn appear to have violated airline policy. 

And oh, the irony…

Prominent Minnesota Republicans in quarantine, seeking COVID-19 tests after Trump visit

Minnesota business executive Stanley Hubbard, a frequent GOP donor, said he skipped the fundraiser. “It’s foolish to go out with strangers right now. We don’t do it,” he said.


How stupid can they be? Well, we’re seeing that in technicolor.