Here’s Pres. Biden’s speech yesterday about the Supreme Court decision:

The name of the case clearly states what’s going on here:


Bottom line, immunity for “official acts,” but the definition of “official acts” is up for grabs, and it’s been sent back for that definition.

I think this NPR headline states it well:

Supreme Court says Trump has absolute immunity for core acts only


However, sending it back means that there will be no final outcome before the election.

So on that happy note… sigh… it’s kinda hard not to puke reading these opinions..

Here’s the Supreme Court decision that overturned 40 years of precedent of Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. NRDC, 467 U.S. 837 (1984):

What does this mean for those of us dealing with agencies streamlining, steamrolling, out the bad decisions, issuing permits that shouldn’t be issued, permits against the public interest?

Methinks the histrionics of this decision are overblown, and that it could prove to be a good thing for “us” and a problem for those agencies and the corporations, particularly utilities, that benefit from the unsupported agency decisions.

I’ve not really digested this… any comments out there? Those challenging agency decisions, what’s been the outcome of those challenges? What’s your guess regarding the outcome of decisions post-Loper?

My bro’ was going through Kansas and was wondering what all the blinking red lights across the horizon were. Well, DOH, wind turbines. So looking, I found this great resource:

U.S. Wind Turbine Database

Very useful, very easy to use, you can dance to it — I’ll give it a 98!

Here’s what he saw near Hays, Kansas:

I’ve been asked again about the Application, posted earlier, and I’ll post it below, but also, it’d be good to know how to get around on eDockets, because a lot will be added as this application goes forward. Here’s the primer:

MN PUC – How To eDockets

The Application:

Application_App-G-J_-MTEP21-LRTP-Addendum-20244-204917-16 Download

Application_App-K1-MAPS_20244-204917-14 Download

Application_App-K2-MAPS_20244-204917-12 Download

Application_App-K3-MAPS_20244-204917-10 Download

Application_App-L_20244-204917-08 Download

Application_App-M1_20244-204917-06 Download

Application_App-M2_20244-204917-04 Download

Application_App-M3_20244-204917-02 Download

Application_App-N_20244-204916-17 Download

Application_App-O1_20244-204916-15 Download

Application_App-O2_20244-204916-13 Download

Application_App-P-S_20244-204916-03 Download

Application_App-T-W_20244-204916-01 Download

Environmental Review scoping meetings NEXT WEEK! So now’s the time to do your homework.

There are also two WebEx meetings on June 11:

The links above for the WebEx meetings are not live, you’ll need to type them in.

Here we go — Scoping meetings or environmental review for the “Mankato-Mississippi River” a/k/a Wilmarth-North Rochester-Tremval WI” transmission line. The application:

Another Xcel transmission application filed!

It’s yet another big honkin’ transmission line planned for southern Minnesota, some of which is along “alternate” routes for Capx 2020. CapX was to be the be-all and end-all of transmissison (well, so was Arrowhead), and here we are, too close to a virtual redo. Why? Where’s the need?


The schedule:

Of particular note, what does this do for Minnesota? Transmission, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?

I’m representing NoCapX 2020 and The Prehn Family, because a part of a proposed route goes directly over the big CenterPoint natural gas dome just south of (flooded) Waterville. That little factoid, the location of the dome, locations of the many wells and monitoring stations, were NOT part of Xcel’s application. We did an inventory, and let them know with a rough map:

Xcel did have this to say in a Reply comment — it seems they did do some homework:

All the information in Xcel’s Reply, and more, needs to be in the environmental review and incorporated into not just environmental issues, but because this is both CoN (CN-22-532) and Routing (TL-23-157) dockets, the info must be part of the substantive side as well.

p.s. The Waterville school is flooded. Will post updated location when I get notice.