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Congratulations to Neighbors United Against Ameren Power Line, and to their attorney, Paul Henry, on this victory against Ameren’s Mark Twain  Transmission Project  (How dare they name something like this after Mark Twain, he”d be rolling in his grave).  The Missouri Supreme Court will not take up the Court of Appeals decision that Missouri does have jurisdiction over Ameren’s transmission project.  Here’s the decision from the Court of Appeals:

Ameren (ATXI) – Missouri Court of Appeals

Ameren claims were bizarre:

And the Missouri Court said, “We don’t think so.” Ameren tried to get it before theMissouri Supreme Court, and failed.

As recently as April, Ameren was proposing new routes through Missouri.  Guess again!

The U.S. Supreme Court has partially reinstated Trump’s EO13780 Travel Ban.  Here’s the Supreme Court decision:

U.S. Supreme Court_Case No. 16-1436_l6hc

KARE 11 photo

This is the transcript of the BCA interview shortly after Yanez shot and killed Philando Castile.  This is the interview that the jury did not know about, did not see or read, was not entered in as evidence:


I haven’t read the trail transcript, don’t know why this was not part of the record…

Notice that many of his statements are in passive voice, or 3rd person.  He’s not taking ownership of his part in this.

What more to say…

And the clown show just keeps on going, we couldn’t program or pay for such entertainment:

Putin Offers Political Asylum To James Comey, Citing Potential – NPR

Taking a time out, and internet access just isn’t so hot up here, and the insanity that is tRump, and the tRump administration, is hopping too fast to keep up with. But the trend is good, it’s getting deeper and deeper, and he can’t help himself, keeps digging his hole deeper.  What with all the formal investigations, from the House and Senate, to the FBI, to the Attorney General’s Deputy, to the HHS Inspector General, and what others?  Witch hunt my fat ass… Get over yourself, Donald, it’s not just you, clearly, there’s a big long laundry list of your administration and your cohorts who are under investigation, and you’re not the only one to be hiring private counsel, eh, Mike Pence?!?!

From the STrib:

Susan Walsh, AP

Trump confirms he’s under investigation, fires angry tweets

Can’t wait to be rid of this idiot and his cronies.