The threads are being taken down, but many have screenshots.  Interesting that some of the comments on the City Pages article have disappeared, names were named in those disappearing threads, at least one showed up in comments, and surprise, and at least one has disappeared as well.

UPDATE: Saigamarine released, to others arrested.  Here’s the “connect the dots” piece: REVEALED: Accused Minneapolis shooters fascinated with guns, militia groups and the Confederacy.


UPDATE: Two arrests so far… 23 y.o. white male in Bloomington, and 32 y.o. Hispanic male in south Mpls.

For several nights running there have been white supremacists coming to the 4th Precinct, their online stated intent to shake things up and hurt people.

Here’s advice from one of them:

One shot from any gun of any kind that only wounded one protester would set of the spark that will open the season on Dindus. If you get away with it.

Points for using a bow and arrow with expanding razor blade head.

Cut the bar code off the arrow if you bought it at the store. Keep gloves on when you handle your arrows and make purchases in cash.

Don’t buy equipment in front of a video camera and then go Dindu Hunting before the data gets erased. (You probably have no way of knowing how long it is kept, if it was erased or even recorded.) It will be used against you.

Wait a few weeks, have patience, don’t get greedy. One Testimony (slain Dindu) that can’t be traced beats 50 that got you killed/captured and tortured. It makes the Dindus think that the “enemy” is everywhere. That causes them to lash out at the wrong people.

Consider a shotgun slug or 00 buckshot for short range. 30-06 or similar for long range.

Remember. LE’s will kill you for trying. So will Dindus. Unlike what the Dindus say, LE’s are not on the side of Vigilantes.

If you can run with the best of them, you could use a small pistol and disguise and flee to a car or bicycle that you have placed in a concealed area.

Here’s Minnesota’s criminal statute regarding terroristic threats:


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