Lil’ Bro is headed back home

February 27th, 2011


After a decade or more hiatus in Lake Havasu and then Pasco, Little Bro is headed back home.  He and Kim bought a foreclosure condo in December and sold their house in a week, maybe less, closed Friday and are headed back.  He’s got this old Ford pick up, I’d like to say 60’s, but it’s really probably 80s, with one of those tacky old campers on it, pulling his new 25 foot toy trailer, with his Monte inside plus what little they didn’t sell with the house.  Kim’s son Jesse is driving her car, and it’s another one of those Clampett processions I’ve been seeing lately, 46 mph up the hills in Montana…

MN DOT webcams

Keep an eye out on those webcams, they’ll hit the border sometime this afternoon!

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