UPDATE: Supremes deny Texas suit:

A handful of Minnesota state Representatives and Senators have sent this letter to the Texas Attorney General asking that Texas “include Minnesota in the list of states against whom you are filing suit.” (Minnesota Congressional Reps. Emmer, Hagedorn, and Stauber have signed on to an Amicus Brief, a whole ‘nother can of worms.). Also, they complain, “Unlawful actions by rogue Secretaries of State should not be tolerated.” Ummm, and what about rogue legislators?? HOW DARE THEY!

They have no standing, no authority, to make such a request. They represent only a small percentage of the citizens of the state, just 8 of the Representatives, and 7 Senators. I guess the good news is that it would require amending the suit, which will probably be thrown out before they get a chance.

Now’s the time to let them know what you think — here’s their contact info:

rep.cal.bahr@house.mn, rep.steve.drazkowski@house.mn, rep.mary.franson@house.mn, rep.glenn.gruenhagen@house.mn, rep.eric.lucero@house.mn, rep.shane.mekeland@house.mn, rep.tim.miller@house.mn, rep.jeremy.munson@house.mn, sen.mike.goggin@senate.mn, sen.bill.weber@senate.mn, sen.rich.draheim@senate.mn

https://www.senate.mn/members/email-form/1227 (Jasinski)

https://www.senate.mn/members/email-form/1202 (Kiffmeyer)

https://www.senate.mn/members/email-form/1228 (Koran)

https://www.senate.mn/members/email-form/1222 (Matthews)

Wondering about legislative censure? Here are the rules:


3 Responses to “SHAME on MN Legislators wanting MN added to TX suit”

  1. Susan Gecas Says:

    Sent to all on list.

  2. Jeanne Talberg Says:

    This is a disgrace to Minnesota….we had the most people in the country, of all states, in voting turn-out. You have the audacity to attempt to get Mn on the list with Texas? There is NO fraud. Yes, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Enough with this BS, how can we move on and make life better if you keep imposing your selfish ideals on people?

  3. Carol A. Overland Says:

    You need to email the offenders, their emails and contact info are above in the post.

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