There are organizations working on helping with dealing with the mess of the ICE raids yesterday at Peco and Koch chicken processing plants, where workers were hauled out of the plants on the first day of school. Some people scooped up have been released, some are being “processed” in Jackson, MS, and some are being shipped off to Louisiana for further “processing.” Meanwhile, many children were released from school and finding a parent or parents are nowhere to be found.

For affected families, call 978-997-3300 (thanks to Southeast Immigrant Rights Network).

CLICK HERE to donate to ACLU, they’re on this NOW!

CLICK HERE to donate to Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance.

Volunteer attorneys needed — CLICK HERE – and other volunteers too — Mississippi Center for Justice

Mississippi Center for Justice – what they’re doing

CLICK HERE to donate to Mississippi Center for Justice

Mississippi Center for Justice will be issuing press release soon, and will post when received.

Southeast Immigrant Rights Network is helping on the ground. They created this form for anyone wanting to help fill out, even if not in MS or if not Spanish speaker. Share widely

Minnesota tRump Donors

August 7th, 2019

Minnesota tRump Donors – the Who’s Who of who’s responsible for this train wreck of an administration. These are the folks wanting to see even more of this. YOU HAVE HEIGHTENED RESPONSIBILITY TO FIX THIS!

Much ado about Castro’s release of this info for his area. WHAT!??! It’s public information. And apparently tRump has a problem with this public information being public. From the guy who refuses to release his tax returns (because we’ll see that he’s not nearly as rich as he wants us to think he is, and because we’ll see the scams he’s been pulling). When you donate to a candidate, you have to provide information on you, on your employer, because it’s a public database, and public means, well, PUBLIC. It’s called transparency.

Court says NO to asylum rule

August 4th, 2019

Remember tRump’s asylum rule, released and effective the same day?

Official release in Federal Register 7/16/2019

And the the following day:

ACLU sues on asylum rule

And now, for the Court’s Order, in the D.C. Circuit, the bottom line:

Trump rule restricting asylum seekers struck down by court

From the opinion:

As explained below, the Court first holds that it has subject-matter jurisdiction, and that Plaintiffs have Article III and zone of interests standing to challenge the Rule. The Court also holds that the Rule (in conjunction with the Proclamation) is inconsistent with 8 U.S.C. § 1158. Those three conclusions end the required inquiry: Because the Rule is contrary to law and must, as a result, be set aside, 5 U.S.C. § 706(2)(A), the Court need not consider Plaintiffs’ alternative legal challenges.

Here’s the full Order:

What’s really bothering me about this is that these overbroad tRUmp pipedreams are issued, and over and over and over, each of them MUST be challenged, because if not challenged, they stand. What a waste of time and resources. Oh well. tRump shot down on this one too!

Trump must go!

August 4th, 2019

He said he was a snake. And he said it again. And he said it yet again. When someone lets you know who they are, believe them. He said he was a nationalist. Asked if it concerns him that “many people saw that tweet as racist and that white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that point?” “It doesn’t concern me because many people agree with me…” Yup, racists and white nationalists agree with him, share that vile mindset. When someone repeatedly spouts hateful rhetoric spewed against immigrants, anyone not white, anyone not agreeing with his hateful rhetoric, and issues a pre-election “Statement Preventing Muslim Immigration” believe that’s his goal (noting that he removed it from the site the day before federal arguments, which btw, he LOST):

When someone issues Executive Orders attempting to eliminate entry to this country, Executive Order 13769 and Executive Order 13780 , over and over (with most of those Orders tossed out be federal courts) believe their intent is to exclude. When someone issues a rule, effective immediately, stopping most asylum claims allowed under federal law (yet another challenge required, and struck down by court), believe their intent is to illegally prevent asylum claims.

It’s time for impeachment — beyond time for impeachment — this has gone on too long. Here are the STEPS FOR IMPEACHMENT.

Those steps are:

  • House Judiciary Committee – Inquiry of Impeachment Resolution
  • Full House – Majority Vote to Authorize Investigation
  • House Judiciary Committee Investigation
  • House Judiciary Committee – Vote on Resolution of Impeachment – Articles of Impeachment
  • Full House vote on Articles, all or separately
  • Senate Opens Trial
  • Senate issues Summons to President/Defendant
  • Senate Trial – evidence, witnesses, cross examination
  • Senate Deliberates in closed session
  • Senate votes in open session on Conviction. Conviction requires 2/3 votes. Conviction on 1 or more Articles results in removal from office. There is no bar additional legal proceedings against President.

Minnesotans – get out the phone! Here’s contact info for Minnesota’s Delegation — the ones to urge along the path. We need to get this moving. Time for an “Inquiry of Impeachment Resolution.” Call them regularly!

Dayton, OH last night

How many have to die before this is declared a Civil War? Think it’s not a Civil War? What would you call it? There’s a fatal epidemic of domestic terrorism, white nationalists, white supremacists, shooting up the U.S. Just this week, they targeted Dayton, Ohio; El Paso, Texas; and Gilroy, California. How many have died at the hands of white nationalists?

We have #notmyPresident who has declared himself a “nationalist,” openly, publicly, and repeatedly, inciting fear, hate and violence, encouraging and inflaming fearful and insecure white males to use the U.S. as their shooting gallery, to use people as their targets. tRump is directly and overtly inciting violence against immigrants and anyone who isn’t white. He is using Executive Orders, administrative and criminal process, and jails as weapons.

tRump flashing signs, as always

Even Newsweek draws the parallel between tRump and violence:

Trump Administration Is ‘Facilitating and Enabling’ Youth to Commit ‘Terrorism,’ Ex-FBI Official Says After El Paso Shooting

[Legalectric comment — it is NOT “youth,” it’s open, public agitating and inciting, not age specific.]

“He’s the father figure, he’s giving the license, he’s facilitating and enabling. What we need is the similar figure — the President — to come out immediately, once this is confirmed, and say, ‘I stand for something other than hate, I rebuke all the hatred going on here,'” he continued. “Until we see the figure do that, that’s giving the license, we’ll continue to have this hate problem.”

“His writing is filled with hatred,” Figliuzzi noted, referring to the manifesto, “he calls Mexicans and others invaders, he thinks they are taking jobs from people. He thinks it’s up to him to take action. We need to understand that.”

“About half the FBI’s terrorism cases right now, as we speak, are actually this stuff, the domestic stuff,” he added. “That is extremely disturbing.”

This is not new. tRump was inciting during the campaign, and many people who voted for him wanted this. There’s a heightened responsibility on all who voted for him to deal with this, to fix it. No excuses. And for all the rest of us, it’s our job too.

He told us he was a snake. You knew, we knew, he was a snake. Poisonous. tRump must go. Resign… Impeach… one way or another, he must go.