HEY LOSER — REVOKE EXECUTIVE ORDER 13780 — the “Travel Ban” or “Muslim Ban” — TODAY!

Executive Order 13769 and Executive Order 13780. are both bowsers.  Executive Order 13769 was revoked after Executive Order 13780 took effect.  How many Court Orders are needed before tRump gets the message that these Orders violate U.S. Code.  Note that in this decision, it’s all about U.S. Code, did not advance to addressing Constitutionality because it could be decided on compliance with U.S. Code — and the Court held that tRump went beyond his delegated authority.  The court found no proof of any national security rationale, no proof that people from these countries 6 (formerly 7) should be banned due to their national origin, etc.  Each of tRump’s arguments went flying out the window.



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