Dayton, OH last night

How many have to die before this is declared a Civil War? Think it’s not a Civil War? What would you call it? There’s a fatal epidemic of domestic terrorism, white nationalists, white supremacists, shooting up the U.S. Just this week, they targeted Dayton, Ohio; El Paso, Texas; and Gilroy, California. How many have died at the hands of white nationalists?

We have #notmyPresident who has declared himself a “nationalist,” openly, publicly, and repeatedly, inciting fear, hate and violence, encouraging and inflaming fearful and insecure white males to use the U.S. as their shooting gallery, to use people as their targets. tRump is directly and overtly inciting violence against immigrants and anyone who isn’t white. He is using Executive Orders, administrative and criminal process, and jails as weapons.

tRump flashing signs, as always

Even Newsweek draws the parallel between tRump and violence:

Trump Administration Is ‘Facilitating and Enabling’ Youth to Commit ‘Terrorism,’ Ex-FBI Official Says After El Paso Shooting

[Legalectric comment — it is NOT “youth,” it’s open, public agitating and inciting, not age specific.]

“He’s the father figure, he’s giving the license, he’s facilitating and enabling. What we need is the similar figure — the President — to come out immediately, once this is confirmed, and say, ‘I stand for something other than hate, I rebuke all the hatred going on here,'” he continued. “Until we see the figure do that, that’s giving the license, we’ll continue to have this hate problem.”

“His writing is filled with hatred,” Figliuzzi noted, referring to the manifesto, “he calls Mexicans and others invaders, he thinks they are taking jobs from people. He thinks it’s up to him to take action. We need to understand that.”

“About half the FBI’s terrorism cases right now, as we speak, are actually this stuff, the domestic stuff,” he added. “That is extremely disturbing.”

This is not new. tRump was inciting during the campaign, and many people who voted for him wanted this. There’s a heightened responsibility on all who voted for him to deal with this, to fix it. No excuses. And for all the rest of us, it’s our job too.

He told us he was a snake. You knew, we knew, he was a snake. Poisonous. tRump must go. Resign… Impeach… one way or another, he must go.

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  1. Robin L. DesJardins Says:

    Argument against the use of the term “civil war” in your essay:

    While I sit in agreement with all that has been listed among his crimes,I have not seen him do it, not has our Congress declared there to be a Civil War afoot. I do see a dangerous movement coming up and creating worlds of trouble.

    I’m not certain that “civil war” is quite the word, yet. I do see severe repression in the detainee programs. I do see excessive imprisonment of people of color, going for more than a few decades now, though initially that was simply about Prisons for Profit, and not also repression. I do see inciting racist speech and hate crimes by the Leader of the nation. I do not see a very large group of citizens, or states even, taking up arms to correct this situation in Washington D.C., as was the case in 1861, or threatening secede from the Union.

    Can there be such a thing as an Ideological civil war?
    Yes, there are people being gunned down…by individuals, and not under orders of the President or Congress, but there are no troops taking over states where hate crimes have increased dramatically since the President’s inauguration.

    What other term… what else do you think we could call this utter pollution of the waters of personal freedom for every man, woman and child? This water is making America quite ill, but that is still not the same as 1861.

    From where I sit, It looks a lot more like an invasion of by an Ideological Despotic Club of men who crave, desire and worship Money…Money and Power. Their head is a man who’s unfortunate upbringing, weak cognitive abilities and the inevitable poor social skills that develop often, together with his nearly non-existent education has led him to cherish Power, and the things it can get him: Wealth, Women and More Power.

    When I see our Bona fide and democratic ‘ well regulated citizen militia’ wear the same color hats, and march towards Washington, D.C. , I will concede the name you have used to date.

    Otherwise, Carol, I agree with your observations.

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