Trump must go!

August 4th, 2019

He said he was a snake. And he said it again. And he said it yet again. When someone lets you know who they are, believe them. He said he was a nationalist. Asked if it concerns him that “many people saw that tweet as racist and that white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that point?” “It doesn’t concern me because many people agree with me…” Yup, racists and white nationalists agree with him, share that vile mindset. When someone repeatedly spouts hateful rhetoric spewed against immigrants, anyone not white, anyone not agreeing with his hateful rhetoric, and issues a pre-election “Statement Preventing Muslim Immigration” believe that’s his goal (noting that he removed it from the site the day before federal arguments, which btw, he LOST):

When someone issues Executive Orders attempting to eliminate entry to this country, Executive Order 13769 and Executive Order 13780 , over and over (with most of those Orders tossed out be federal courts) believe their intent is to exclude. When someone issues a rule, effective immediately, stopping most asylum claims allowed under federal law (yet another challenge required, and struck down by court), believe their intent is to illegally prevent asylum claims.

It’s time for impeachment — beyond time for impeachment — this has gone on too long. Here are the STEPS FOR IMPEACHMENT.

Those steps are:

  • House Judiciary Committee – Inquiry of Impeachment Resolution
  • Full House – Majority Vote to Authorize Investigation
  • House Judiciary Committee Investigation
  • House Judiciary Committee – Vote on Resolution of Impeachment – Articles of Impeachment
  • Full House vote on Articles, all or separately
  • Senate Opens Trial
  • Senate issues Summons to President/Defendant
  • Senate Trial – evidence, witnesses, cross examination
  • Senate Deliberates in closed session
  • Senate votes in open session on Conviction. Conviction requires 2/3 votes. Conviction on 1 or more Articles results in removal from office. There is no bar additional legal proceedings against President.

Minnesotans – get out the phone! Here’s contact info for Minnesota’s Delegation — the ones to urge along the path. We need to get this moving. Time for an “Inquiry of Impeachment Resolution.” Call them regularly!

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