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January 5th, 2018

Sustainable: Planners charting Minnesota’s energy future

Yes, we all know that Mike Bull wrote most of the energy law now in place!  But there’s no mention of those many years of work at House Regulated Industries Committee though…

And we all know that there are some big holes and problems with the wind siting statutes, rules, and standards.  What will it take to get some of the problems worked through, like some respectful wind siting standards?  We’re just starting to see, at long last, after years and years of complaints, some Public Utilities Commission action on wind noise issues.

Bent Tree_Noise Monitoring and Monitoring Report_20179-135856-01

Siting will have to be addressed, because despite sound modeling that says “no problem,” there are indeed problems.  Despite shadow flicker modeling that says “no problem,” there are indeed problems.

Preventative siting is long overdue and needs to start NOW!  And what about those already  affected?  “Buy the Farm” for wind?  It’s overdue.  Action after the fact is not the best of options, prevention is always the key, but for those now attempting to live in untenable circumstances, foisted on them by the nuisance moving into their community, and permitted by the Commission, what are the options?

Wind project in southern Minnesota gets pushback

Hey Mikey, how ’bout helping get to some solutions???

There’s been some chatter lately about the financial future of Red Wing if and when the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant closes.

FYI, for those thinking about this, do check out the plan to convert to natural gas, this was 2002, just going into the 2003 session and that Prairie Island bill.

Prairie Island Conversion Appendix B 2002 Resource Plan

There’s also a MISO transmission study:

Prairie Island Replacement Study SS01_Report

There are plans…

Yup, there’s the Red Wing City Council.  At the December 11, 2017 meeting, as part of “Other Council Concerns” they discussed sending it to the Human Rights Commission, a good thing, but it was not on the agenda, which it should have been.  No notice that this was coming up.  It’s in the “Administrator’s Report” item 11 on City Council agenda (click for larger version):

So it’s on the Agenda for Human Rights Commission, but it’s item 11b, WITH NO IDENTIFICATION OF THE ORDINANCE AT ISSUE!  How is anyone to know?

20171221 – Agenda_RW-HRC

On September 18, 2017, the City of Rochester passed a similar ordinance, ON THE CONSENT AGENDA, where there’s no discussion.  WHAT?!?!?

Pages from 2017-09-18 City Council – Full Agenda-2647_Rochester_D-6

I’m looking for the video to see how that went down.  It was on initiative of the City Attorney there, see agenda item D-6 from Council Packet above.  Pulled from Consent Agenda:

35. Ordinance Prohibiting Disturbance of Assembly or Meeting

Item D.6 was pulled to allow for discussion.

Councilmember Wojcik commented on his concerns with the vagueness of the
proposed language.

President Staver commented.

City Attorney Terry Adkins provided background information on this issue,

Councilmember Hickey commented in support of the proposed language being

Councilmember Campion commented, noting it appears from reading the ACLU’s
brief on this issue that they are in support of this sort of action.

Approved directing the City Attorney to prepare an ordinance and give it its first
reading this evening under H.1.

And under H.1:

H.1. H1 – First Reading:
An Ordinance Creating and Enacting Section 85.065 of the Rochester Code of
Ordinances, Relating to Disturbing an Assembly or Meeting was given a first

Then, on October 16th:

And the Council Packet for this item:

Really!  Nothing at all…

Here’s the video: At 1:26:45 – 1:27:14, LESS THAN 30 SECONDS, NO DISCUSSION

So tell me, what exactly did they pass?  My guess is that they passed it as introduced, but…

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