Our “good neighbors” at Xcel Energy have file an application for a Certificate of Need to add more nuclear waste casks at the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant. The application is the most poorly written filing I’ve seen from Xcel — they’re usually so well done, but this application, particularly the first 7 chapters, are dreadful, circular, non-sensical. Chapters 8 and onward are better, except for a frolic and detour from the subject in Chapter 9.

Yesterday, on behalf of Communities United for Responsible Energy, I filed Initial Comments with the Public Utilities Commission:

The oddest thing about this application is that they say repeatedly that they have capacity to last until 2033. Last I looked, it’s 2024 (how’d that happen?!?!), they’re applying for this at least SEVEN (7) years too early. PREMATURE!!!

Another major flaw — they’re saying nuclear energy is “carbon free.” Ummm, ever examined the full nuclear cycle? CARBON FREE?

Here’s the application — see for yourself how awful it is, and check out Appendix I – the “Nuclear Leave Behind” transmission study:

Cover Srv Lst_20242-203185-01 Download

03_Table-of-Contents-20242-203185-03 Download

04_ExecutiveSummary-20242-203185-04 Download Ch-1-4-20242-203185-05Download

Ch-5-7_Additional-Considerations-PI-Template-20242-203185-06 Download

Ch-8_7855.0600-20242-203185-07 Download

Ch-9-14_PFS-20242-203185-08 Download

App-A-Anacronyms-CoN-Checklist_20242-203185-09 Download

App-B-Dose-Analysis_PAGE-28-HAS-BEEN-REMOVED-IN-ITS-ENTIRETY-20242-203189-01 Download

App-C_Dose-Analyses-Reference-1_PAGE-50-HAS-BEEN-REMOVED-IN-ITS-ENTIRETY-20242-203189-03 Download

App-D_Dose-Analysis-Reference-3_PAGE-50-HAS-BEEN-REMOVED-IN-ITS-ENTIRETY-20242-203189-05 Download

App-E-Dose-Analysis-Reference-4_PAGE-50-HAS-BEEN-REMOVED-IN-ITS-ENTIRETY-20242-203189-07 Download

App-F-H_Public-Health-Assessment-20242-203185-10 Download

App-I_Nuclear-Leave-Behind-Report-20242-203189-09 Download

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