Rick James, I.N.C.E., has died

February 21st, 2023

From Terry James, Rick James’ obituary:


James, Richard 03/03/1948 – 02/12/2023, Green Bay, WI. Rick, age 74, passed away peacefully at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing Michigan Sunday morning with his wife Terry at his side.

Richard had been a survivor from cardiomyopathy since 2001. Again in 2021, when he had an ICD put in to stabilize his heart. He had been doing great and working. This time it was sudden and the first time his heart did not function. Saturday 2/11 he went into the hospital and passed the next morning.

Richard & Terry owned three different companies from 1972 to 2006: consulting firms in noise control engineering for industry for 34 years. Richard continued in 2006 as a consultant E- Coustics Solutions for Wind Turbine Community’s, an Expert Witness for Individuals suffering with Wind Turbine Symptoms (yes, look it up).

Richard is preceded in death by his parents Kenneth & Joan James from Green Bay, WI. His surviving family consists of his brother Randall James and wife Peggy, and nephew Brian James, cousins, and uncle. His wife Terry Coleman James (TC), they were living in Okemos, MI. Terry’s family: brother Rick Coleman, who was his close friend, brothers Leonard Coleman, Mark Coleman and sister Lori Betts, Kenny Murphy, their daughters, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

Richard and Terry’s Korat purr- kids, Look Sawat Theenie, Hillwizard Babette and FiddleStixx (Stixx). Terry’s aunts and cousins.

Richard asked that he be cremated. Terry will keep his ashes. There will be no funeral. Please no flowers.

Memorial donations may be made to his family at GoFundMe. PayPal – terilachat@comcast.net and PO Box 1129, Okemos 48805.

From Rick’s wife Terry James

Do tell, what amount is “SAFE,” pray tell? Vinyl chloride? Butyl acrylate? Other chemicals?”

I’d guess that this will go beyond civil suits, administrative requirement of clean up (as if that’s possible) and that there will be criminal charges.

The impacts of the East Palestine, Ohio, derailment, tank ruptures, and explosion continue, and it’s showing up in nearby water supplies:

Ohio city says butyl acrylate tested positive in water intake

The NOAA modeling has disappeared, it’s not at any of the links I’ve found. HERE IS SOME REDDIT on this model, and note of its disappearance. I gave up looking, it’s GONE.

Angry and scared, Ohio residents question response to toxic derailment

In a letter to Shaw this week, Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) accused the rail company of giving him and other officials inaccurate information as they were trying to decide whether to allow toxic vinyl chloride from five rail cars to be released into the air — and said the company’s mismanagement of the immediate response put first-responders and residents at risk.

Several class action lawsuits filed by residents against Norfolk Southern demand money and medical monitoring for residents. One lawsuit, filed Wednesday, alleged that the company’s efforts to clean up the disaster “instead worsened the situation.”

“I’m not sure Norfolk Southern could have come up with a worse plan to address this disaster,” said attorney John Morgan.

As Ohio Gov. DeWine says Ohio doesn’t need federal help:

Pa. governor accuses train company of mishandling Ohio derailment

Life After the Ohio Train Derailment: Trouble Breathing, Dying Animals, and Saying Goodbye:

After an initial $25,000 donation to the community, the company said they would give $1,000 “inconvenience checks” to residents within the evacuation zone; the company also has offered to reimburse expense receipts for residents within East Palestine

$1,000 down payment and reimbursement to residents, a start towards what will be a very high bill.

‘This is absurd’: Train cars that derailed in Ohio were labeled non-hazardous

And the road show begins!!!

MN Energy Connection Transmission Line?

Xcel of course…

Now, why do we need this? This is that odd notion of a tie between SW Minnesota, i.e., Buff Ridge, and the Sherco substation, essentially going backwards. Does this make any sense???

ROAD SHOW! Two weeks with two days in the first, Feb. 21 & 23, and 4 days the next week, Monday – Thursday! And damn, it’s not camping season.

… wonder if they’ll have Xcel 1st Class treats?!?!

From Xcel’s page:

Fact Sheets PDFs:

Atomwaffen Division accelerationists… This is real… these are the sorts of terrorists that utilities, Dept. of Justice, and Dept. of Homeland Security need to be concerned about (not those of us folks trying to track the utility plans and oppose destruction of their forests and farms by utilities to enable profiteering).

Atomwaffen Division? Per Southern Poverty Law Center:

Atomwaffen Founder and Girlfriend Arrested in Plot to ‘Destroy’ Baltimore

And in Reuters:

FBI charges neo-Nazi leader in plot to attack Baltimore power grid

Here’s the Criminal Complaint:

One substation target was across the Maryland border into Delaware, according to the Complaint, “she had already identified a few potential locations to target in her (Clendaniel) attack, including one just across the Delaware state line (with Maryland), in a location that is “literally like a life artery” and would “definitely
cut out a lot of shit.” I can guess where that is! Oh my… And she lives with mother in North East, MD.

The Criminal Complaint said they’d used https://openinframap.org but there’s a lot of transmission missing in Delaware, so that’s weird, maybe they removed lines and substations because of the threat?

Then they named substations north of Baltimore and targeting Baltimore:

And this is a thing:

Mayhem, Murder, and Misdirection:
Violent Extremist Attack Plots Against Critical
Infrastructure in the United States, 2016-2022

The small Rio Communities, New Mexico as home for the 2nd largest industrial complex in New Mexico, 262 acres being opened to any sort of business, next to residential areas and the Rio Grande river?


Here’s the Application, starting p. 5, from January 19 P&Z Minutes:

Another public hearing before the Planning & Zoning Commission is scheduled for February 16th @ 4:00 pm mountain time. Written comments by 2:00 p.m. to: info@riocommunities.net

Why? Because they screwed up notice, and they do recognize that there is a LOT of public sentiment about this proposal, one with major impact on this small Rio Communities.

262 acres for ANY type of legitimate businesses? Oh my…

And “I can’t go into specifics…” which is not comforting.

Here’s the minutes with all the poop:

Minutes – City of Rio Communities February 2 meeting

This is a lot like the land use change proposed for Northfield, Minnesota, which I’m posting next…