Atomwaffen Division accelerationists… This is real… these are the sorts of terrorists that utilities, Dept. of Justice, and Dept. of Homeland Security need to be concerned about (not those of us folks trying to track the utility plans and oppose destruction of their forests and farms by utilities to enable profiteering).

Atomwaffen Division? Per Southern Poverty Law Center:

Atomwaffen Founder and Girlfriend Arrested in Plot to ‘Destroy’ Baltimore

And in Reuters:

FBI charges neo-Nazi leader in plot to attack Baltimore power grid

Here’s the Criminal Complaint:

One substation target was across the Maryland border into Delaware, according to the Complaint, “she had already identified a few potential locations to target in her (Clendaniel) attack, including one just across the Delaware state line (with Maryland), in a location that is “literally like a life artery” and would “definitely
cut out a lot of shit.” I can guess where that is! Oh my… And she lives with mother in North East, MD.

The Criminal Complaint said they’d used but there’s a lot of transmission missing in Delaware, so that’s weird, maybe they removed lines and substations because of the threat?

Then they named substations north of Baltimore and targeting Baltimore:

And this is a thing:

Mayhem, Murder, and Misdirection:
Violent Extremist Attack Plots Against Critical
Infrastructure in the United States, 2016-2022

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