Driftless Area Land Conservancy and Wisconsin Wildlife Federation have filed a Complaint in the Western Wisconsin District Federal Court!

Some press coverage:

Wis. power line opponents take fight to federal court

Environmental Groups Sue Wisconsin PSC Over Approval Of Transmission Line

Here are the filings:

Impeachment – REAL NEWS!

December 10th, 2019

I’m remembering how horrified I was watching election results come in, how disgusted I was watching those “Muslim ban” and then “Travel ban” Executive Orders as they came out over and over, with courts tossing them out over and over… the white supremacist support and his flashing White Power handsignals at every opportunity.

I’m also remembering Nixon’s impeachment hearings going on, and though I sure wanted him out, the revulsion I’m feeling towards this #notmyPresident is too nauseating to believe…

Yes, we knew you were a snake, and watched you admit it, even crow about it, and yet so many voted for you, though you LOST the popular vote. Now it’d be an even lower vote count because your base is having a rough time justifying supporting you, you racist, misogynist, lying, ignorant, delusion, and brain damaged jerk! So take THIS, HERE’S SOME REAL NEWS:

Now, about the E-M-O-L-U-M-E-N-T-S Clause of the Constitution… get with it, House! You’ve got a job to finish!

Take that, Xcel Energy!!

December 8th, 2019

Great solar day today in Red Wing. It takes a while for the sun to get up over the bluff, through the trees, around the water tower, but when it gets going, WOW! YES!!! It’ll be into the trees and the golf course side of the bluff soon, but hey, let’s make electricity while the sun shines!

PPSA Comments of Overland

December 6th, 2019

I see I forgot to post my Power Plant Siting Act Annual Hearing comments!!! How did that happen?

Talking Turkey Turds

December 5th, 2019

Hot off the press from David Morris – ILSR, a demolition of the Benson Burner celebratory historical podcast about burning turkey shit. The ILSR podcast gets into some of the origin of the “biomass mandate,” the history of Fibrominn, Fibrowatt from England, and in Maryland, where chicken shit was polluting land and water.

I so well recall the hours and hours of testimony about turkey turds back in 1998, when state Sen. Steve Novak, chair of Minnesota’s Senate Energy Committee (and on of the orchestrators of the 1994 Prairie Island bill that pushed biomass as part of the deal to keep Prairie Island nuclear plant open) refused to let “our” bill be heard that would delete the alternate site mandate to site nuclear waste “in Goodhue County.” Burning turkey shit was ahead of our bill on the agenda, and so hours and hours and hours of testimony. Of the many, many “environmental” groups in Minnesota, ILSR was the ONLY one opposing this turdful idea, and in that 1998 session, David Morris testified in excruciating detail about why burning turkey shit was a bad idea, more than I ever wanted to know about turkey shit.

So glad to see this go:

Benson biomass power plant thunders to ground in explosive demolition

Fibrowatt was run out of Delaware when they wanted to burn chicken shit there, thanks to Alan Muller and Green Delaware. That was when I’d first heard from Alan, way back in 2002, warning about Fibrowatt as they pushed into Minnesota!

When Xcel filed for permission to get out of the turkey shit Power Purchase Agreement (PUC Docket 17-530), Alan Muller and I filed comments:

Note that not one of the many funded “environmental” groups weighed in on this!

The Commission gave Xcel what it wanted, including $20 million to the City of Benson…

WHY would the PUC reward Xcel this way? Cancelling the Xcel PPAs and shutting down that Benson plant, and also the Laurentian Energy Authority, that was good, but the pay offs? Doesn’t seem reasonable to me.

And while you’re at it, check this out from ILSR on a “renewable” issue here in Minnesota and elsewhere:

Report: Waste Incineration: A Dirty Secret in How States Define Renewable Energy