Nevermind about coming to the PUC Hearing on Thursday.

First you say you will, and then you won’t

Then you’ve got a hearing… and then you DON’T…

Yes, here we go again. Excelsior Energy, the denizens of desparado, finagled yet another delay, this from the guys who didn’t want to sit still at the beginning. IGCC, coal gasification, by any name it’s a disaster… yet it drags on and on and on and on.  Here’s what they filed this afternoon:

Excelsior’s Request for Continuance of Hearing

And even later this afternoon, this came out from the PUC’s Janet Gonzalez:

Parties and interested persons:

Item #6, Oral Argument and Deliberations on Excelsior-Phase 2, Docket E-6472/M-05-1993 has been pulled from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission agenda of May 8, 2008.

It will be rescheduled at an as yet unspecified date after the period for reconsideration has run out, or the Commission takes action on any petitions for reconsideration that may be filed, of its April 23, 2008 ORDER DENYING REQUEST FOR INDEFINITE STAY in this docket.

Janet F. González, Energy Unit Manager
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Like with poor Eight Bells, it’s time. It’s gotta happen. Will somebody just do it and put us all out of our misery?!?

The Comments sent in on the Green Chameleon’s Gov’s Greenhouse Gasbags’ Report are out.  Oh, translation for those not keeping up, the Green Chameleon  is Gov. Tim Palwenty, because he talks the talk and walks in the other direction and too few are watching and comparing.  The Minnesota Climate Change Action Group members are the Greenhouse Gasbags because in their recommendations, they promote increased generation of CO2, which is counterproductive and goes against their charge under the statute.  Aaaaah, but what do they care, they’ve got a job to do, which apparently is to assure that there’s no “impediment” to Big Stone II and Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Project.  Here are the comments received:

Public Comments on the Gov\’s Greenhouse Gasbags’ Report

What a great showing — 63 pages of comments, many of them objecting to the exemption of Big Stone II and Mesaba from regulation.  YESSSS!  They sure need to be slapped upside the head for that lame-brained idea, and you missed the increase of burning biomass???  I don’t think so…

I received Notice yesterday from the MPCA of a Proposed Stakeholder Process, soliciting comments on it.  Yes, of course they’ll get Comments, but what struck me was that 1) I was on the list, and 2) so many others weren’t on the list.  So it seems to me it’s important to get word out about this.

Here’s the proposed stakeholder process:

2008 Part 4 Stakeholder Process

The “stakeholder” list is very short.  If you’re interested in receiving further information, email ALL these folks and tell them you didn’t get notice of the “2008 Part 4 Stakeholder Process” and that you should be added to the list:

This “Stakeholder Process” group is yet another of those toady groups like the Govs. Greenhouse Gasbags Group (MCCAG) that signed off on dreadful policy, for example exempting Big Stone II and Mesaba IGCC from CO2 regulation.



4:00 P.M.

MAY 13, 2008

Send comments to:

This new stakeholder group, under the proposed process, has a “Steering Committee” and one of their specific tasks is to “establish process outcomes.”  Oh, OK, well, if you establish the outcome, what’s the point of the process where outcome is predetermined?  Another problem is that it “MAY” utilize the Gov’s Greenhouse Gasbags’ recommendations…

Gasbags’ Report

Gasbags’ Report Appendices

… and it “MAY” utilize the 2007 Solid Waste Policy Report:

MPCA 2007 Solid Waste Policy Report

Both of these reports are problematic regarding solid waste — both recommend increased burning of “biomass” which is highly polluting and there just isn’t enough “clean wood” to go around and they burn stuff that’s even worse than the already polluting “clean wood,” like old junk pallets, C&D waste, and GARBAGE.  In Minnesota, under statute, mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) and refuse derived fuel (RDF) is deemed “renewable.”  Biomass can be up to 1/3 garbage!  Great, just great.

Anyhoo, Comments on the proposed “Stakeholder” process are due in about two weeks.  Get to it!

Read the proposal: 2008 Part 4 Stakeholder Process



4:00 P.M.

MAY 13, 2008

Send comments to: