The Comments sent in on the Green Chameleon’s Gov’s Greenhouse Gasbags’ Report are out.  Oh, translation for those not keeping up, the Green Chameleon  is Gov. Tim Palwenty, because he talks the talk and walks in the other direction and too few are watching and comparing.  The Minnesota Climate Change Action Group members are the Greenhouse Gasbags because in their recommendations, they promote increased generation of CO2, which is counterproductive and goes against their charge under the statute.  Aaaaah, but what do they care, they’ve got a job to do, which apparently is to assure that there’s no “impediment” to Big Stone II and Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Project.  Here are the comments received:

Public Comments on the Gov\’s Greenhouse Gasbags’ Report

What a great showing — 63 pages of comments, many of them objecting to the exemption of Big Stone II and Mesaba from regulation.  YESSSS!  They sure need to be slapped upside the head for that lame-brained idea, and you missed the increase of burning biomass???  I don’t think so…

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