WOW! Amazing how certain posts shoot up to the top 10! It’s a thrill to know that people actually want to read this stuff, that I’m not the only perverted one who enjoys it.

Here’s Excelsior’s Testimony, the first batch I’m labeling as “Initial” and this second batch is “Supplemental” and the Initial was filed when their Direct Testimony was due some time ago, and this “Supplemental” was filed just now, on the Intervenors Direct Testimony deadline.









initialwadley-testimony.pdf (and remember, Wadley’s history now)


And here’s their recently filed “Supplemental” testimony:







You’ll note that some is labeled as “public” and that’s because there is a large pile of info deemed by Excelsior as “non-public” and that is what the Memo due today is about, Xcel is challenging Excelsior’s designation, as mncoalgasplant.com did months ago, they’re now running into the same problem we had, and we’re having the problem because the Order and its Protective Order are so restrictive, and contrary to law — typically when an entity wants something to be “non-public” they have the burden of demonstrating the need for that protection, but here? NOOOOOOOOOO, everything they want to call “non-public” is accepted and the burden was shifted to those wanting the information rather than that seeking to restrict access. And that’s just plain contrary to law, it’s contrary to administrative practice, there’s just no excuse. But here we are again. And so I’m not happy about having to spend my time arguing what should be obvious, it’d be obvious to the appellate court, but by the time we get there, well, by that time I’ll sure have a lot more grey hair! In short, we need this now, we need this to build the record for the Commission decision, and there are things that indeed, the public should be aware of, though in this case, we’re mostly fighting so that we have access and we’ve already signed protective agreements. But someone explain to me why the costs of infrastructure are deemed “non-public,” particularly where it is public entities taking it on for Excelsior! So guess I’d better get that Memo done, eh? Again…

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