I’ve been asked again about the Application, posted earlier, and I’ll post it below, but also, it’d be good to know how to get around on eDockets, because a lot will be added as this application goes forward. Here’s the primer:

MN PUC – How To eDockets

The Application:

Application_App-G-J_-MTEP21-LRTP-Addendum-20244-204917-16 Download

Application_App-K1-MAPS_20244-204917-14 Download

Application_App-K2-MAPS_20244-204917-12 Download

Application_App-K3-MAPS_20244-204917-10 Download

Application_App-L_20244-204917-08 Download

Application_App-M1_20244-204917-06 Download

Application_App-M2_20244-204917-04 Download

Application_App-M3_20244-204917-02 Download

Application_App-N_20244-204916-17 Download

Application_App-O1_20244-204916-15 Download

Application_App-O2_20244-204916-13 Download

Application_App-P-S_20244-204916-03 Download

Application_App-T-W_20244-204916-01 Download

Environmental Review scoping meetings NEXT WEEK! So now’s the time to do your homework.

There are also two WebEx meetings on June 11:

The links above for the WebEx meetings are not live, you’ll need to type them in.

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