Here we go with yet another transmission line proposed for southern Minnesota — the Wilmarth (Mankato) to North Rochester (N of Pine Island) to Tremval (Wisconsin), featuring another Mississippi River Crossing, but no, they’re using existing towers… so nevermind…

There are now FIVE BIG TRANSMISSION LINES grinding through the permitting process:

  • Wilmarth-North Rochester-Tremval – PUC Dockets CN-22-532; TL-23-157 (plus a separate docket for relocation of Dairyland’s Q-3 because they are taking it off the 345 kV towers to double circuit that part).
  • Brookings-Lyon County & Helena-Hampton – PUC Dockets CN-23-200; TL-08-1474
  • Big Stone-Alexandria-Big Oaks – PUC Dockets C-22-538; TL-23-159
  • Itasca County-Big Oaks – Northern Reliability Project – PUC Dockets CN-22-416; TL-22-415
  • Lyon County-Sherco – MN Energy CON – PUC Dockets CN-22-131; TL-22-132

I’ve just started downloading and will be posting the balance of the application in a bit, but for now, here’s the application narrative and Appendices A-F… DONE!!!

Well, that was a lot of fun…

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