Food in our Schools is the topic of the 4th Monday Northfield League of Women Voters discussion, held Monday, January 23, at 7 p.m. in the meeting room at the Northfield Public Library.

Much ado about cupcakes…


Sorry, but in the cosmic realm of things, this is an issue that assuredly does not blow my dress up, and I’m not about to spend time on it. We’ve got a war going on, we’re overbuilding energy infrastructure to facilitate de facto deregulation, the government’s spying on us, and much as I hate the cold, we’re undeniably feeling and seeing the impacts of global warming. School food? I don’t think so. Yes, it makes sense to pay attention to this, but… I watch what my girls eat as much as the next mom: real shin bones from Huttel’s, a staple diet of lamb and rice, carrrots and apples for snacks. I agonized as I brought in the first package of hot dogs ever to grace my door to use for training, and continue to be hopelessly embarassed as I stand in the check out line. Ken will testify that she doesn’t often have a caprophagous grin! (I digress, I was looking for a link to caprophagous, ended up on Dave Barry’s blog and found this!)

And I have to admit, Julie’s got a point that it’s controversial — her phone rang yesterday and it’s Joe Soucheray and she’s on the air! But… SCHOOL FOOD? …yawn…

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Sean Hayford O’Leary
had this to say, with ambivalence and offering a suggestion:

I don’t know, I think I agree with this District 41 person. Treats are fun and enjoyable, and I really don’t think the one caramel apple every three weeks is the problem here.

Imagine if Northfield Public Schools stopped providing bus transit to anyone who lived within two-three miles of their school? Save the district a ton of money, which they could perhaps dump into a higher-quality lunch program (nothing quite so appetizing and healthful as the current rectangle of non-wheat pizza, appearing to be covered in days of residual grease (don’t even get me started on their [lack] of vegetarian options)). And (obviously) getting rid of most snack-food items, and offering healthier, organic alternatives.

Combine the above and I see no problem with the occasional birthday cupcake.

Exactly — don’t get between me and my cupcake!

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