Here comes CapX 2020!!! Notices are being mailed to 70,000 landowners affected by the CapX 2020 transmission proposal (if you click to go to their site, be forwarned, it’s severely constipated). It seems to me that 70,000 number is a bit shy of what it should be.

To get to the CapX2020 docket go to and then to “eDockets” and then to “Search Documents” and then plug in docket 05-1115.

Here are the routes they’re proposing, shown by the dashed lines.

Let’s start with the SW MN to Prairie line, which will be continued on to Rochester and Lacrosse. Here’s SW to Prairie Island, and note how the Big Stone plant’s transmission ties right in (the SW line enables construction of the Big Stone II coal plant and transmission of Big Stone coal-generated electricity):

Utility contact info for that segment:

Brookings – SE Twin Cities (345-kV)

· Craig Poorker & Randy Fordice

· 888-473-2279


And here’s the one from Prairie Island to Rochester to LaCrosse and beyond:


Utility contact info for this segment:

SE Twin Cities – Rochester – La Crosse (345-kV)

· Pam Rasmussen: 800-238-7968

· Chuck Thompson: 866-876-2869


Here’s the one from the coal fields of ND to Fargo to the NW Metro:


Utility contact info for this segment:

Fargo – Alexandria – St. Cloud – Monticello (345-kV)

· Darrin Lahr & Jim Musso

· 866-876-2869


As we say in transmission, it’s all connected. CapX2020 — it’s not needed. It does nothing for Minnesota, just passes through, and serves only the coal interests that are building new coal plants. Without these lines, they cannot build more coal. It’s that simple.

These lines are brought to you by those “environmental” groups who did the TRANSLink deal:

ME3, MCEA, Waltons, NAWO -TRANSLink deal

And special thanks to Bill Grant and Beth Soholt of the Waltons/Wind on the Wires and George Crocker, North American Water Office, for ushering through the 2005 Transmission Ominous Bill from Hell:

Chapter 97, S.F. 1368

Gee thanks… I’m sure these 70,000 landowners will be pleased with what you’ve done…

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