February 10th, 2012

I know, TMI, but our dear Summer-doggy really did it this time.

Three months ago or so, we blamed Little Sadie for chewing the tails off the Wubba, we found it tail-less on the floor of the van, lost until this appeared at the “tail” end of a “Summerhenge” a couple days ago:


SUMMER ATE IT…  OH MY DOG!!!  … and it took months to go through… so DUH, ex post facto we checked the van, and there are indeed two of the tails still missing…

Are they in the dog?

Just now, all three were in the van for a bit when we went to lunch, and here’s what we found on taking them back into the house:   NO LEASH!


SUMMER!!!!  There is no trace of any part of the leash in the van, not a thread.  This little red piece is all that’s left.

SUMMER!!!!  We can’t afford surgery on you!  Now what?  And there’s no vet on duty tomorrow… we shall see…

For now, she’s on the floor in her favorite spot, snorin’ and fartin’ as usual, always under my desk or she shoves the lamp out of the way so her big butt fits in the corner.  We’re supposed to feed her canned pumpkin, that’s supposed to be good for moving things around.  And call if emergency…

It’ll probably appear in April!



Not only can she open a babygate (in any configuration) faster than we can replace it,  shoulder open any door not firmly latched, sort through the garbage, and dump over the dog food container and lounge in the pile snarfing it all down as though she were eating bon-bons, our dear Summer has now learned to open the fridge.  Judging from the kitchen floor, she does not like potatoes.  Judging from the doggy bed in my office, she loves tortillas, whole wheat and white flour and corn too.

… sigh… that’s our Summer grrrrrrrrrrrl!

Pack time!

May 11th, 2011


Summer is doing so well, she’s got the “going outside” thing down, has learned “sit” and “wait” and is working on “down” (on command, she spends a lot of time in “down” naturally), and is working things out with Kady.  Right now, all three are surrounding my chair, black and tan office rug, even Sadie, who usually spends the day upstairs with Alan.

Three dogs take a lot of time, especially if they’re not on the same schedule.  Here they are today, in sync!  Summer’s first walk on a Gentle Leader, she’s a lot peppier than we expected, and she’ll be doing some walking in her old age.  What a relief!!!

On Sunday, it’s Summer!

April 7th, 2011


Noooooo, we know it’s spring, but on Sunday, we’re going to Wisconsin to meet, and likely bring home, our new adopted doggy, a 12 y.o.  GSD named Summer.  She needs a retirement home, and that’s something we’re good at.  What struck me about her is she’s Kenya’s twin, that perky smile, bright eyes (even if they can’t see) and this dear dog has 4 legs that work.


She doesn’t eat cats, and in case you didn’t notice, she’s a big’un, 120 pounds, WOW, that’s bigger than Krie the Big Galoot!  She has some health issues, but nothing we can’t handle, and with her good attitude, she should fit right in with Kady and Little Sadie.

summer3Who can resist a smile like that?