tRump and Addiction

December 14th, 2020

An Op-Ed popped up, and it makes SO much sense. Do read this:

What the Science of Addiction Tells Us About Trump

Yes, this is SO dead on. I’ve been suggesting massive intervention for the U.S., or at least many in it who are exhibiting such bizarre behavior. For sure it’s “stinkin’ thinkin'” is happening.

The notion of white supremacy as grievance makes a lot of sense too, and the ratcheting up in the face of resistance that we’re seeing.

The article notes that “We’ve recently held a nationwide electoral intervention with Trump, which has the dual benefit of helping to protect the country from further damage and shows him that his retaliatory behavior is no longer acceptable and needs to change.”

The first part, yes, we have had an electoral intervention, and that’s happening right now as electoral colleges of the states vote. But the second, I don’t see protection from further damage. The message that the behavior is not acceptable and needs to change may have gotten out, but we’re seeing increased acting out and oppositional behavior. The behavior keeps on, and he can and will do lots of damage in the remaining 38 days. Lots of cleaning up to do, and on to establishing, restoring, collective sanity.

ONWARD! 38 days to go.

Trees and powerlines

December 13th, 2020

Trees and powerlines are an issue in Minneapolis, as in Northfield:

In the STrib today:

Why does Minneapolis keep planting trees under powerlines?

From the article:

The trees Polenek saw were at least 20 years old. In 2000, the city changed its approach to tree planting near power lines when it had to replace thousands of diseased elms. Part of the reforestation plan included an agreement with the former Northern States Power Co. to bury all power lines underground, but that never happened, said Ralph Sievert, director of forestry for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.


Do tell, why weren’t all the power lines buried?!?! When a city requires this, Xcel files a Petition with the Public Utilities Commission and the cost of undergrounding is spread across the city ratepayers. It doesn’t cost Xcel a thing, and in their current mode, it’d be a revenue source. Why isn’t this happening, not just in Minneapolis, but everywhere?

Amicus Brief in Texas’ suit

December 11th, 2020


It’s really hard to believe that elected officials who have sworn on oath to represent their constituents and the public interest are doing this, but here we are. 126 Reps. in the U.S. Congress, including Minnesota Reps. Emmer, Hagedorn, and Stauber, have signed on to this amended Amicus brief, and, well, it’s a good thing it was amended because the original one had some pretty bizarre statements.

So here’s the Congressional Amicus:

Read it and, well, gasp?!?! Hard to believe how this could benefit any of those signing on.

Contact the Reps and let them know what you think:

  • Rep. Tom Emmer (202) 225-2331
  • Rep. Jim Hagedorn (202) 225-2472
  • Rep. Pete Stauber (202) 225-6211

UPDATE: Supremes deny Texas suit:

A handful of Minnesota state Representatives and Senators have sent this letter to the Texas Attorney General asking that Texas “include Minnesota in the list of states against whom you are filing suit.” (Minnesota Congressional Reps. Emmer, Hagedorn, and Stauber have signed on to an Amicus Brief, a whole ‘nother can of worms.). Also, they complain, “Unlawful actions by rogue Secretaries of State should not be tolerated.” Ummm, and what about rogue legislators?? HOW DARE THEY!

They have no standing, no authority, to make such a request. They represent only a small percentage of the citizens of the state, just 8 of the Representatives, and 7 Senators. I guess the good news is that it would require amending the suit, which will probably be thrown out before they get a chance.

Now’s the time to let them know what you think — here’s their contact info:,,,,,,,,,, (Jasinski) (Kiffmeyer) (Koran) (Matthews)

Wondering about legislative censure? Here are the rules:


Grant County Solar, LLC… 1,406 acres, 2,058 acres, full of solar panels, blanketing crop land designated as “Farmland Preservation” land by town and county. Even the Public Service Commission’s Environmental Assessment states that this project is not consistent with local land use designation. Well DOH!

And now we’re off to the races, Intervenor testimony due today.

Whew… piles o’ files… Thank Dog for the internet! Remember when we had to make 15 copies just for the PSC?!?!