Update:  A sad day here on West Avenue.  Steiner had stopped eating and drinking, and everything was shutting down, she was listless for two days, and clearly not having much of a life.  So yesterday we took dear old Steiner to the vet to be put down, and brought her back and planted her in the back yard under a new Hosta.  Steiner is dead — long live Steiner!



Dear ol’ Steiner has lost a lot of weight, and her intake and output is way down.  Today she didn’t even want to eat chicken bits or get up to say “Good Morning” to her friend Kady.  She’s also not hanging around in the kitchen asking for treats, and for a while was quietly huddled in a corner near the fridge.  She’s resting on a pillow near a window… I wish we had a southern window where she could lay in the sun, it would probably feel good on her old bones.  She’s at least 14 I think, I inherited her around 2001? 2002?  Time for some medicinal catnip!

The Great Wall of West

September 11th, 2014

Today Alan got to stake the locations for the new trees, after the City Forester had come by to talk about options and locations.  We’re getting four, three to replace the three we’ve lost, and one to get a head start on the BIG, MASSIVE one that will come out when the redo Sturdevant.  Hate to lose it but they say no way, it’s up so high over the curb, the sidewalk is coming up.  But this tree is at least twice the height of the house, as is the one across the street, probably planted way back in the 1920s when they built our house and the one across the street.  Do NOT want to lose it.  Oh well.  As Alan says, we’ll be in the nursing home before they look like anything.

And the Great Wall?  It’s coming together, they poured the first couple panels last week and the forms came off, and today they’re pouring the second group of panels:


And here they are pouring the concrete:



Internet Slow Loading Day

September 10th, 2014

Long live net neutrality!



Last night we went for another picnic, this time near home, at Memorial Bluff.  They’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort to rehab the park, and at the Upper Stone Quarry, have put in the most amazing stone picnic tables and benches, HUGE hunks of rock.  The trail near our old house on 8th is now dubbed the “Cow Path,” apparently they regularly herded cows up to the top to graze!


We went to the Upper Quarry, and again picked the table with the view:


Yes, it’s got the “best view,” but look at this!  Who would put a picnic table directly under a transmission line, with the upfront close and personal view of this transmission tower?  What were they thinking?  Not everyone has an affinity for transmission!!!

But some do — we were joined by two flapping and calling birds, hawks or immature eagles, who hung out on top of the structure objecting to our presence.  Lighten up, birds!