Minn. R. 7829 marches on…

September 9th, 2013

Back to Public Utilities Commission rulemaking, this time Chapter 7829.

A while back, I’d filed a Petition for Rulemaking:

Overland Petition for Rulemaking Ch 7829 March 24 2011

Then about two years later, the PUC published proposed rules:

Initial Proposed Rules_20132-83863-01-4

Then there was a Comment Period, but hey, I knew nothing, as I was NOT notified, and didn’t find out until I discovered it, utterly accidentally, on the PUC site, color me more than a little bit peeved:

Overland 7829 Comments June 2013-Corrected

So there’s a Commission meeting, and they issue the draft with a request for comments on specific issues:

Notice & Request for Comments 20138-89998-01

Proposed Rules 20137-89560-02

And I’m  comparing their initial proposal with what’s been released, major changes, and they’re not explained, and on behalf of NoCapX 2020 and U-CAN, I have this to say:

NoCapX and U-CAN Comments Sept 6, 2013

It never ends… and really, folks, we do need the PUC to have a rule about statements made to the Commission, clearly stating that statements and representations are expected to be true, and if not, well, then you deserve what happens!!!

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