Let’s hear it for LAND STEWARDSHIP PROJECT!  Last night they held a meeting in Rushford, packed, almost ran out of chairs, good to see so many who want to take action against the frac sand mining push to sell our part of the world to oil and gas companies.  People get that the biggest issue here is corporate control and greed.


This meeting was lead by LSP’s Johanna Rupprecht, Megan Buckingham, and Doug Nopar, with LSP member activists Vince Ready, Barb Nelson, and Marilyn Frauenkron Bayer, and overall, it was well worth the drive.  It’s that same warm fuzzy feeling as filling a Taconite, MN gym on a -20 degree day, only warmer!

There are at least 11 mines proposed by Minnesota Sands that are subject to an Environmental Impact Statement, 615.31 acres, phased and connected actions under the Minnesota Rules and subject to a Mandatory Environmental Impact Statement because it’s over the 160 acre threshold.  Minn. R. 4410.4400, Subp. 9(B).

The EQB determined that these mines would indeed require an EIS (the mining companies try to say it’s “voluntary,” how good of them, but it’s not voluntary, it’s MANDATORY) in March.

EQB Board Packet 3-20-13

There are a few things that I think need to be done, information that needed in the public domain:

  • File a Data Practices Act Request with the EQB and do a quick file review to find out what’s been going on with these projects thus far.  The public is left out of the “pre-application” discussions.
  • Make sure the EIS scope is broad, and that the EQB doesn’t release a one-sided scope proposal that would take an act of Congress to alter… or a lawsuit!
  • Details of ownership, who owns these projects, who is behind these projects, and how do these projects own!!!  Who in the community and which of “the deciders” are being paid by the mining companies.  Remember Dennis Egan, former Mayor of Red Wing?  Who else is in their employ, direct or indirect?  We need to know about these connections and obligations:

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