Mayor Egan, where is your letter of resignation?  Send him an email and ask him!

And the City Council too!,,,,,,

After telling City Council members over the weekend that he’d be resigning, at the City Council meeting last week, Mayor Egan said he’d be turning in his letter of resignation on Tuesday.  That didn’t happen.
Then “the Mayor came in at the end of last week and said he would be getting it to us on Monday (today).”  Yet it’s not been seen.

Out with it, Mayor Egan, resign!

How hard is it to write a letter of resignation?  How hard is it to follow through on something?  How hard is it to keep your word?

Looks like the City Council should proceed with that investigation, and remove you from office, since you’re not following through on your promises of resignation.

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  1. Alan Muller Says:

    Egan finally did sign a letter this morning, March 7, 2013. I’ve posted it here:

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