Order to refile exhibits, and Goodhue Wind Truths’ Subpoena requests denied!

Whew — actually it helps.  We got an order yesterday that we need to refile the Testimony.  There’s so much and it doesn’t fit into neat little bundles that can be filed with the eFile system, and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one having trouble with that.

Fourth Prehearing Order – REFILE!

But the denial of the subpoena requests sucks.  MOES had filed Affidavits related to intent, and we’ve not had the opportunity to cross regarding their assertions:

MOES Comments – Affidavit of Ingrid Bjorklund

AWA Goodhue’s Motion for Summary Disposition (see p. 10)

Ingrid Bjorklund was a wind industry lobbyist at the time this was winding through the legislature, yet here she is, as a Commerce employee, making a statement in an Affidavit, under oath, conclusory statements about legislative intent.  EH?  Both documents above contain statements about what Mikey Bull may or may not have said.  What’s Michael Bull got to do with legislative intent?  To borrow a fist-pounding-the-desk phrase from Rep. Dennis Ozment, “I don’t recall electing NSP to the legislature!”  Oh wait, he was there at the Green Chameleon Gov’s behest then…


So I decided to requests subpoenas for both Ingrid Bjorklund and Mike Bull:

Goodhue Wind Truth – Subpoena Requests for Bjorklund and Bull

Are we having fun yet?  Xcel’s Chris Clark seemed to think so when I gave him the heads up at Thursday’s PUC meeting!

Not to worry, folks, the ALJ denied the request…

ALJ Sheehy’s Letter to Overland – Denial of Subpoena Requests

And now, for something completely different… back to reformatting all the exhibits… oh, what I would do for support staff, the grrrrrrrrrls just can’t work a computer without drooling on the keyboard!

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