The Delaware PSC in action, May 2007, saying NO to NRG’s coal gasification proposal.

Delaware’s “Governors Energy Advisory Council” of Toadies and Lobbyists has published what’s called an “Energy Plan.”  It’s pretty awful, a hodgepodge of random thoughts that has no budget allocated.  It sounds like it was written by Delmarva Power and NRG.   So what will happen?  Not much, given its stream of unconsciousness ramblings — the justifications below each recommendation are sometimes utterly nonsensical … BUT… that’s what they put out.


COMMENTS ARE DUE TODAY!  I know, Sunday, that’s weird, but when Alan called about it that’s what they said, so…

Check the plan and write up something QUICK and send it to:

There are some things in this “plan” that just MUST be addressed, like the bone-headed recommendation for “Clean Coal” which was NOT a workgroup recommendation, the “Council” stuck it in there.  Can anyone spell NRG?  The PSC rejected coal gasification in May 2007, (Delaware PSC gets it!  Wind/gas combo ordered! see also IGCC DEAD IN DELAWARE, WIND/GAS COMBO MOVES FORWARD!) after carefully considering it in great detail.  Wall Street gets it (IGCC too risky!).  Coal gasification is not happening — get over it folks, IGCC is dead… dead… dead…

I’ll post mine in an hour or so — not much time to get this done…

Overland’s Energy Plan Comments

Alan will post his too here at his Green Delaware site.


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