Here’s the PSC Order from yesterday’s meeting hot off the press:

Delaware PSC – RFP Order May 21 2007

Will someone please explain how it is that Delaware gets it… while here in Minnesota we’re wasting our time wrestling with an utterly ineffective “Global Warming” bill that only serves to increase global warming by exempting every damn project already in the permitting pipeline?  GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

2 Responses to “Delaware PSC gets it! Wind/gas combo ordered!”

  1. Sue Stish Says:

    Why MN doesn’t get it in 3 words-Money,Politics and Lobbyists

  2. Legalectric » Blog Archive » Delaware “Energy Plan” Comments due TODAY Says:

    […] stuck it in there.  Can anyone spell NRG?  The PSC rejected coal gasification in May 2007, (Delaware PSC gets it!  Wind/gas combo ordered! see also IGCC DEAD IN DELAWARE, WIND/GAS COMBO MOVES FORWARD!) after carefully considering it in […]

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