Didn’t expect it could happen, because I’ve been so antsy, not able to get out on the road for so long, just a couple of quick transmission-road-show trips and quite a few trips out to a township that’s off the rails, couldn’t really work much with all of Alan’s leukemia treatments. The road is my last name, and I’ve not been nailed down so much for as long as I can remember, pushing 30 years?!?! But yes it did happen — I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF LIVING IN A TENT AND WILL BE SO GLAD TO GET HOME.

Since May 1st, camp-hosting for the month, and in that month, got winded and rained out on the 2nd night, lost the screen tent to that storm, and it rained at least every other day. With an inch or more of rain, the vestibule would flood, so I got some shelves and everything was off the ground, and also dug a trench, and when that wasn’t enough, dug a deeper trench and some ponds! That wasn’t enough either, and it kept raining. Other than that, the weather and life in a tent was great, an the deer liked to hang out in the field across the road. That spurt of tenting lasted until June 1, when it was time to drag everything home and “downsize” packing to what could fit in a Prius to hit the road. All necessities fit? I think Sadie would beg to differ:

On June 9, we took off on a long planned and twice canceled trip around Lake Superior, though this time, I figured it best to only try 1/2 the way around. We started with Big Bay State Park on Island:

Third time’s the charm

… then Lake Au Train campground in Hiawatha National Forest, a really nice campground. No electricity, and few people, perfect, and the pit toilets were the best ever — the camp host cleans them every day, and what a difference! Will do a campground review soon.

After a few days at Au Train, we went east, over and up to Pancake Bay Provincial Park in Ontario, where we were seriously rained out the second time, completely flooded and even water inside the main tent. That is NOT supposed to happen with a Wawona 6!!

The plan was to hit Michigan’s Van Riper State Park on the way back., butttttttt… after last Monday night’s rain, flooding us out the worst ever, because somehow rain was blown inside the tent, I think through the mesh on the Lake Superior side during the storm, it was just too much. When it was time to go Wednesday, stuff still hadn’t dried out, so we packed up wet, and canceled Van Riper and are recovering in a hotel for a couple days. Then back home and set it all up to clean up and dry off.

Will be doing campground reviews, Au Train campground and Pancake Bay still to do.

And soon, too soon, time to get back into that utility groove! Homeward bound… somebody ought to write a song…

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