Third time’s the charm

June 11th, 2024

Have been trying to get around Lake Superior for 3 years now, had campsites reserved, tent tested, but the first time in 2021 COVID remained an issue, then Leukemia in 2023, so it just wasn’t happening. Very frustrating, but as for reasons for cancelling, going really wasn’t an option.

So at long last, Sunday we took off for a 1/2 or maybe 1/3 tour of the south side, starting at Madeline Island. The Big Bay Campground is I think the best in all my travels. For cool campgrounds, Craters of the Moon takes the cake, but as far as a good state park, Big Bay State Park’s campground is it. Do I really need too come back? Well, there is a township meeting that’d be good to go to, but otherwise, most everything is online… and I’m not really back in the groove!

Maybe it’s the cost of the ferry that keeps away the obnoxious big trucks and trailers that cost more than my house and take up more real estate. There are no RV full hookups (whew!), and it’s mostly pit toilets and just one showerhouse for the two loops. Maybe it’s that there’s no phone or internet (there is a cool library!)… This campground is mostly tents, 90% ? and we’re in good company. It is SO quiet, no generators, no TV or radio blaring, no trains, just owls to “cook for you” and those birds starting at 4 a.m.

This was the biggest rig on the ferry, and just this one, plus one smaller one, a hard sided A-Liner.

If you avoid the touristy traps, Madeline Island is great, and I wish I’d reserved at least a week, because this is a real getaway. Our site has only 2 open days left for the season.

Sites are very secluded, probably as the season peaks, it’ll be louder, but right now, perfect.

Did I say the sites are HUGE? Big enough for 3 Wawonas, long gravel driveway, lots of room on the side.

And somebody loves camping!

Until today, the weather has been unbelievable perfect, cool at night, and low 70s in the day, and SUN…

And how the 1% lives:

…until today, but there is a library.

And of course:

And this too:

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