There’s a small stretch of “CO2 pipeline” that Summit Carbon Solutions is trying to get through the Public Utilities Commission, it’s that little bitty part in the black square, on the western edge of central Minnesota. Here’s a closer look:

This docket is extremely important, because as the first “CO2 pipeline” to wind its way through the Public Utilities Commission, it’ll set precedent for the rest of the project, which takes up a lot of real estate in southern Minnesota:

It’s very hard to watch this after all I learned about CO2 capture and pipelines — it’s a train wreck, and I’m shocked, shocked, I tell ya, at those so enamored. And it’s equally hard to find time to weigh in, but just gotta do it. Most of those promoting it are PAID to promote this, some will do anything for money, and don’t care about the facts, but still…

Today I slapped some comments together, got filed with an hour to spare, but the scope was really limited, there’s just not much I can get done in a day (plus two trips over to Mayo, etc. – FOUR days to go!). I focused on a couple of things I know, like noise, pipeline noise; evacuation/safety zone; and the CO2 capture issues, like the percentage of CO2 captured in relation to that generated. Way back when, 30% was sort of feasible, and beyond that, too complicated, and too expensive, to be worthwhile. Also, there’s a bit efficiency hit that I don’t see being taken into account.

Here’s the DRAFT Environmental Impact Statement Narrative:

There are a LOT of Appendices, and to see them and more, a LOT more, go to the PUC’s eDockets site and look up docket 22-422. If confused, just follow the directions at the link below, and plug in “22” for the year, and “422” for the docket:

MN PUC – How To eDockets February 1st, 2024

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